13 June 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts

for Daily Focal

The summer is arriving and it was about time it did! We all (well most of us) are hoping to get plenty of sun this summer and perhaps even go abroad for a little holiday. If you are planning on going abroad or have been abroad, I bet you have had to deal with stereotypes or that you thought about certain people in stereotypes. In 2012 The Guardian wrote a piece about 6 stereotypes and their reactions.

What Europe said: Drunken semi-clad hooligans or else snobbish, stiff free-marketeers
What Britain replied: “How can Britons simultaneously be both self-controlled and prone to rip  our clothes off in a drunken haze?”

What Europe said: Cowardly, arrogant, chauvinistic erotomaniacs
What France replied: “When it comes to our sex life, studies put us in the middle of the pack; but after the DSK affair our neighbours are unable to listen to this argument without cracking a smile”

What Europe said: Uber-efficient, diligent, disciplined and prone to steal the best sun loungers on holiday.
What Germany replied: “It’s all true… we have highly efficient, diligent and disciplined about ensuring the proper upkeep of these clich├ęs.”

What Europe said: Tax-dodging, Berlusconi-style latin lovers and mama’s boys, incapable of bravery
What Italy replied: “Our worst defect is something you’ll have picked up while reading this article: it’s smugness.”

What Europe said: Heavy drinking ultracatholics with a whiff of anti-Semitism and an extreme dexterity for plumbing.
What Poland replied: “These stereotypes of Poles are true but only partly. Poles drink average amounts of alcohol, they are Catholic but not really bothered by what the church says and they dislike Jews just slightly more than the average European.”

What Europe said: Macho men and fiery women prone to regular siestas and fiestas, so that nothing ever gets done.
What Spain replied: “The pictures Europeans have of Spain in their photo albums may be souvenirs of a country visited on holiday. But what happens there the rest of the time? The statistics tell us that there are Mondays too.”

These stereotype are over the top and can be somewhat offensive, but they are a reflection of what people think.
What do you think?
Have you ever experienced dealing with a stereotype?
Let us know!

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