06 June 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts

for Daily Focal

I’m always looking for things to read, watch or listen. So imagine me being late to the podcast party, I’m actually a bit cross with myself for it. Anyway, for me it was amazing to experience so much goodness in the world called podcasting. Podcasting hasn’t really been popular back here in the Netherlands, but we do listen to many British and American podcasts. So here are the 10 podcasts I listen to regularly!

Of course I have to start with the man himself, Daily Focal writer Mike. He has an amazing podcast where he discusses mental health with guests and it’s one of the most honest and educating things I’ve come across on the internet. I have learnt a lot about mental health, mental illnesses and how to deal with it, it’s all down to Mike. It’s honestly inspiring and you should definitely check it out.

I’m guilty of a few things in my life and listening to this podcast is one of them. I find this podcast really relaxing and thought provoking because they talk about anything and everything. This could be talking about the horrible form Arsenal FC are having, the elections, the NHS attacks or how society is shaped nowadays. The reason why I like it so much, is because it’s so diverse.

Okay, I think y’all know that I’m a football addict. I’m not even sorry. But if you are a football fan and want to discuss the pureness of the beautiful game, I suggest you listen to the Non League Football Show. This shows discusses a variety of topics concerning Non League Football. From the very top to the bottom, the FA Trophy & FA Vase and England C. It tells the story of you and me, the raw emotion and fantastic world that is called Non League.

Bill Burr is in my humble opinion one of the top comedians active. Bill Burr has made art of the comical shouting into a mic and his podcast is just plain brilliance. This podcast has two episodes every week and whatever happens, this is one of my absolute highlights in my week. It gives an insight into American society, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and politics. And more. I love this podcast and I suggest you listen to it, if you want to laugh your eyes out of their sockets.

This is legit the first podcast I listened to and it has entertained me my travel to and from Marseille back in 2015. The podcast is by comedian Mike Falzone and his girlfriend Zoja, and I think I might have found the perfect comedy couple in podcast land. Mike and Zoja often offer advice to those in need of it, but make so much fun doing it and get funny anecdotes into the episodes. It makes me smile a lot and times may seem dark, but there’s always Mike & Zoja, who will never disappoint you.

Do you listen to podcast?
Which ones are you favourite?
Let us know!

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