18 March 2017

Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

I can feel it, its coming (let's just gloss over storm Doris for a moment) Spring is most definitely on its way. I love the changing seasons in the UK because its just quite amazing seeing how our little world evolves and adapts.  I love wrapping up warm for winter, cue bobble hats and pom pom scarves (I salute you River Island) but I'm ready to get warm now, thanks. I've been very aware of my surroundings this week for some reason and that's when I've spotted these telltale signs of spring:

1. Snowdrops - scuzzy why have I never realised the wonderfulness of these beautioful flowers before? I have seen them everywhere and they have put such a smile on my face - however my friend did tel me it's unlucky to pick them and take them inside your home, not sure on that one?

2. The nights are drawing out - This is such an old person thing to say "ohhh Ethel the nights are drawing out aren't they?" in my head this is said in a broad Norfolk accent, but it's true, they are and its delightful. Waking up and it's not pitch black, leaving work and it's not pitch black, basically what dreams are made of.

3. Daffodils - Another thing of beauty, I've had a few bunches and watching them come out is probably better than cheese on toast.... note I said probably. What's better on a dreary day than bright yellow flowers and now I'm smiling just thinking about them.

4. Birdies - Lovely little birdies singing in the trees in the morning, yes, yes and yes.

So, although Spring doesn't official start until March 20th it's putting in the best of moods knowing that it's definitely enroute.

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