03 March 2017

Written by Nafisha Atcha
for Daily Focal

This week is National Eating Disorder Week and the theme for this year is to talk more about eating disorders. Having an eating disorder is quite possibly one of the most complicated surreal things a person can go through. It can trap you in this void. You can often feel alone and like you have no way out. If you are feeling like this, I wanted to share with you five steps to help you get out of that void and hope you can away from the troubling illness. 

Admitting you have an eating order 
The eating disorder voice can do a very good job at tricking you in to thinking the way you eating is normal and can overpower the rational part of you that knows otherwise. It takes immense strength to overcome it and admit you have a eating disorder. It is arguably the most difficult part of your recovery. 

Getting Therapy / Treatment
Often people with eating disorders feel ashamed and do not want to worry there loved ones with their thoughts and anxieties. Getting therapy bridges this gap as it allows someone who is not from your inner circle who has no idea of the person who you were before this illness took over. Their goal is to help you discect your thoughts and help you on your road to recovery. There are many forms of therapy options available to you and the eating disorder clinic will help you in choosing the right one to suit you and your needs. 

Listen to you and your body 
One of the weirdest thing you can find on the road of recovery is listening to your body. You spent so long going against your body, not feeding it in the correct way and in the initial stages you may have to work up to eating more. The one thing you have to relearn is listen to your body. From your body telling you it wants a piece of chocolate, eating that chocolate to having a glass of water.

Go at your own pace 
The road to recovery can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year. The truth is, that it will be one of the hardest things you have to do but it will the best thing you do. Do not get disheartened if it takes you longer than you imagine. You are essentially re training your brain and train of thought. That take times. It is possible but it takes time. 

Talk about it
When you open up to those nearest and dearest to you, you will find it easier to accept yourself again. The self loathing and hate you felt will go down and in turn will help you on your path to recovery. 

Eating disorders are one of the most self loathing, consuming, isolating ilnesses to have. If you are currently suffering from an eating disorder, please know that help is out there and you are not alone. 

If you would like someone to talk too about your eating disorder, please send me an email to and I will do my bets to guide you and help you in anyway possible. 

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  1. A wonderful post by Nafisah. Thank you for talking about mental health and some of the ways we can tackle illnesses such as eating disorders together.



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