31 March 2017

Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

Somebody said to me today that I was addicted to social media and I was completely affronted... Me? Addicted to social media? I got all moody and said I'm hardly ever on it, then I took a step back and realised I'm on it all the time! Because I now class myself as a blogger I use that as an excuse, got to tweet something lol, need to upload a sassy insty pic every other day, must share a thoughtful link or funny video on my Facebook page and although yes I do need to engage on social media if I want to get my name "out there" but maybe I should dedicate an hour a day to social media and find something more fulfilling to do in the other 23 hours of my day! Guess what? The world will still keep turning if you don't tweet one day! Here's a few ideas of what to do rather than pick up your phone and start mindlessly scrolling:

Catch up with your friends/family
How about rather than reading about people's lives who aren't that important to you on social media, taking that time to text (lol retro, I'd probably Whatsapp) a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in forever because "you don't have time" or, you could even pick up the phone and speak to your grandparents for 10 minutes, you know they'd love to hear your voice and they'll be telling all your other family members that you called.
[Number one grandchild award goes to me *inserts sassy girl emoji* lol]

Cook something
It doesn't have to be a calorie ridden divine Vicky sponge with fresh cream (although that would be bloody delightful) you could do something as simple as cooking your lunches for the week, not only do you get to eat the leftovers it'll also save you some money and prevent you from buying a sausage roll from the sandwich lady (again) and if you can't resist staying away from social media all night insty story your work of art or tweet about it! 

Get creative
Off the top of my head I can tell you 3 things I have been meaning to do but just don't have time... Well I would if I put my phone down. I still haven't completed my America scrapbook.I went over a year ago. My great British bake off (yep you heard right) colouring in book although so enticing has been left untouched and my positivity book has seldom complete pages! Surely more enjoyable than getting thumb ache from all that scrolling? And think of all the pretty pens/pencils it gives you an excuse to buy!  Once again if these delights are completed it makes much more exciting content for you to tweet/blog/insty about.

I'm not talking running a marathon here, but go out for a walk, bike down to the shop/park/river (the closest 3 exciting things to my flat) or just go out and get some fresh air. I downloaded the Fitbit app as was pretty sure smashing 8,000 steps in a day would be easy, oh how wrong I was. Just to put this into perspective it's 11:03 and I've done 64 steps, granted it's Sunday AKA bed day, but still set some targets (start small) and get a bit competitive with yourself. I'd much rather walk 1,000 steps than sit on my lardy for half an hour, because I can do that for the rest of the night! 

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