23 February 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts
for Daily Focal

Speaking another language is a fantastic thing if you ask me. I literally love learning new languages and I’m very fortunate to speak multiple languages, to be honest. English isn’t my first language and here I am, writing blogposts in a language that’s is not my natural language. It’s so fascinating!

As an inhabitant of the Netherland I’m used to have knowledge of more than one language, it’s in our system. Because Dutch is such a little language and not many people speak it globally, we are forced to learn other languages. English, German and French are the languages we all learn from the age of 12, English even from age 10. But I found out this isn’t the same everywhere.

In Germany for example some languages are taught more than in other places. Near the Dutch border, you can choose Dutch in schools. But closer to Denmark, it’s Danish. Or France, it’s French. You get the idea, right? But what makes it’s so interesting for me, is that in countries where they speak English, they can choose from a variety of languages. That’s really amazing.

Personally, I think speaking multiple languages doesn’t bring advantages with communication alone. It brings you a whole new perspective on culture, life and communication. By learning new languages, I’ve become more interested and educated in traditions and values. That’s something I will cherish forever.

By learning to speak, read and write English I’ve become more understanding of British and American culture, although I would classify my English as British. I’ve become more and more UK minded, I’m more interested in their history, nostalgia, music, food (OMG all the food) and so on. I think that’s the beauty of learning languages, it’s not just about words and grammar. It’s about learning about the world in a whole new and different perspective! 

I’m feeling very grateful at the moment for the ability to speak more than one language, because it means I can communicate with a lot of people around the world. I’ve made friends because of it and I wouldn’t change for the world.

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