21 February 2017

Written by Mike Douglas
for Daily Focal

Daniel Craig is now the second longest serving, or rather acting James Bond. 

But who's your Top 2 JB's?

My number one is Pierce Brosnan.
He was the James Bond I grew up with. I always thought he could pass for a Russian spy too. Which for some reason mattered to me. 
He was also the lead in the amazing Goldeneye. The amount of time I spent playing the movie based video game...it was a lot. So he will likely always be my James Bond. 

My number two is Sean Connery.
The first Bond. The guy that put a hair across a door as a check to see if someone entered. I loved watching the old Bond films as a teen and in my early twenties. His accent and facial expressions were so on point. He created the role and a franchise with his acting in the lead role. 

However, Daniel Craig is creeping up on him. Daniel would be my number three right now. His longevity is making him synonymous with the role of James Bond. Ironically something Daniel Craig doesn't seem to want. I've seen so many reports of him wanting to leave the role and continued reports of who will be next. Although in this era of 'fake news' who knows if that's really the case. Maybe that's a natural reaction to Daniel Craig becoming the second longest serving James Bond?

We'd love to know...
Who's your favourite James Bond?
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  1. Great post! Although I also grew up with Brosnan, I think he's my 3rd or 4th James bond. Sean Connery is my first and Daniel Craig my second, but I have to say that if Lazenby had played JB more than once, I think he might be up there too!


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