24 February 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts
for Daily Focal

Motivation and inspiration are two beautiful, yet very vague words. They thrown all over the place like Cadbury Crème Eggs, but what do they mean to us. Recently I’ve written quite some posts and people wondered where do I get my inspiration from. And to be honest, I didn’t have a clue. But I had proper thought and I think I’ve some ideas about it.

1. Read, read, read
Reading is the foundation of all knowledge. That’s so true. I get a lot of my ideas from reading. Books, newspapers, magazines and news sites. By reading I get insight in a more broad perspective and I can scan for interesting things to write about

2. Social media
I use different social media to stay up to date with social life, entertainment and things trending. I use twitter a lot, probably too much. Other than twitter, I use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat. Especially Pinterest is amazing for inspiration, I 100% recommend using or browsing that.

3. Pay attention
The world is beautiful and full of inspiring things! My blogpost about language came about when listening to people speaking French with each other on the train. Paying attention to the little things helps. It can be from a baby playing with a little ball to seeing an amazing build. There’s so much to see, we just need to look at it.

4. Travel
Travel is a great inspiration. You see a lot of new things, appreciate new cultures and smash all the food. It’s lovely to discover new places and countries, it gives you a new perspective and new energy. Well at least it gives me that. But it also makes you appreciate the place you live more. You start to be a tourist in your own town or city and explore all those little things you never thought were possible. That kind of energy motivates me to be active and it inspires me to write stuff.

5. Nature
Being out in nature is awesome. It’s mostly quiet, but in a good way. I’m back to the raw version of the world and somehow this gives me the most brilliant ideas. I just walk and walk, sit down on the grass and write down whatever enters my brain. Sometimes it’s fantastic and sometimes it’s, well, mediocre.

6. Coffee shops
Okay, okay calm down. I don’t mean the Dutch coffee shops with joints and stuff. I mean like cosy little cute coffee shops where you can have a good time with a book and just look at all the little things in that shop. For me inspiration often has to do with environment. If the people around me are being motivated or inspired, I tend to get in the same frame of mind. So, surround yourself with people like. Me.

7. Music
Music is like water to my soul when it gets thirsty. Not only is life awesome because of all the great music, it’s also a great inspiration. It puts you in a certain mood to think and wander in inspiration. Just try to put on music and just look around you, I’m quite certain something will come to mind

8. Poetry
Reading poetry is like magic. It creates something magical. For me to envision the words in front of me, see a certain situation is very inspiring. It’s like smelling with your eyes, seeing with your ears. It’s indescribable, but it really works for me. 

9. Other blogs
Other blogs give me a lot of inspiration. In fact, every writer for Daily Focal has inspired me to write stuff. You see different insights, different opinions, different styles and different genres. All of that makes me more aware of my own writing and style, so I start to think of what it means to me and what’s important to me. I learn a lot from other blogs and try to make changes to my blog and life.

10. I’m my biggest inspiration

I guess this does sound weird, but in the end all my inspiration comes from within. Every day I live. Every day I look at myself and see how strong I am, despite my mental illnesses. I start to realise that I’m not a burden to myself, but a blessing and this is something that inspires my writing. I want to taste the world, experience life and I can do that by thinking about it. Thinking about it and writing about it.

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These are a few of my inspirations.
What does inspire you to write or to get on with life?
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