18 February 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts
for Daily Focal

At these times, it looks like the world is on fire sometimes. There’s so much tension between people who hold a different opinion, that we often forget that there are great things out there as well. Today I would like to share a view/opinion, that I really feel strong about and it’s a growing thing: Men identifying as feminists!

Feminism in my opinion is one of the most important things on the planet today. The aim is to create equality: politically, economical, personal and social. It aims to create equality between men and women, I think that it’s a shame it’s even an issue in this day and age. But I support this with all my heart and let me tell you why I think it’s very important to have men feminists too.

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I absolutely applaud every single female feminist out there. I admire every individual, group, movement or political party for putting it out there. But I feel the global movement can’t reach it full potential without the participation from more men in general. There are a few things that are still blocking progress in my opinion and I think they have to do with men:

1. The idea that feminism is about overtaking the world from men. 
2. The notion that feminists – read female feminists – hate men.
3. The media only talks about stereotypes

The world will only change when men stop creating these false ideas of feminists. I have seen so many articles about how feminism is the end of masculinity, which is utter codswallop if you ask me. I think when we men start to be open for more education on the matter, we will grow and grow.

It's only natural that more women are involved in feminism, because it's 'their' fight. They have not been given the same privileges as men, for a long time. And even now, in this day and age, it's bloody difficult for some girls and women to be treated as equals, because some men perceive women as inferior. This makes me so, so angry. I just can’t talk to people who think like that.

Fighting for feminism doesn’t mean that you helping bring down men. By fighting for gender-equality, you will only grow. As a person and as gender. It hurts me when people say I can't fight for the rights of women. It hurts me when people call me anti-women and misogynist, because I happen to be a man.

We men have a role to play in feminism. Not only is it our job to support women and fight alongside them from the outside. We should look into the mirror and say: Let's  end this. Let's do it. It's our duty, we are all the same and it's time for us to get our head out of our arse and start living as we ought to do. I'm very passionate about this and won't stop talking about it, won't stop advocating and I will always support the cause. You are not weak for fighting for women’s equality, you are bloody strong. You are admirable and you have society’s greatest respect for doing so.

I’m not sure if this made any sense, maybe it’s a bit of a braindump. But I genuinely believe that talking about this should happen more often. Because one again: United we stand, divided we fall. Together we are stronger and can achieve anything.

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