03 February 2017

Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

Yep you heard right!
National Carrot Cake Day exists, and TODAY (February 3rd) is that god damn sweet day.
I love cake, nearly as much as I love gin and carrot cake is in my top 4 faves, so when I saw there was an excuse to make an eat carrot cake I thought I would jump straight on that bandwagon.

Obviously the best thing to do today is eat all the cake, however I've also rounded up a few (LOL) carrot cake related gifts just because:

Because whats the next best thing to cake (and Gin)? Chocolate!

The Joy of Ex Foundation are "here to ensure that anyone going through a breakup doesn't end up snorkelling in vodka.... or cake mix" they've got a great range of slogan bags, tea towels and mugs and this little gem is one of my faves.

This cute carrot ring is perfect if you like being a bit different.

Sorry, but why the bloody hell have I not heard of this before? A piece of cake delivery to your door every week! Scuzzy, where do I sign?

We'd love to know...
I hope you all enjoy National Carrot Cake day, let us know how you plan on celebrating!
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