14 February 2017

Written by Mike Douglas
for Daily Focal

Today I saw a twitter post by @EverywomenBook about inspirational women, which I replied to with the women that inspire me. However, I thought one tweet wasn’t enough. So here goes!

Sarah has been there for me thought some of the worse days of my life, we talked daily for over 9 months. While our conversations are not as frequent anymore this lady means so much to me. She continues to battle her own physical illnesses like a Boss. She has supported me and proved herself to be one badass MF. I am honoured to know and call Sarah my friend. 

Laura is someone I admire so much, she (like a few others on this list) talks openly about her battle with mental health. Her honesty and openness has taught me so much.

Charlie is so proactive in the world of blogging and being a social entrepreneur. I am delighted to see the progress Daily Focal has made and the interactions people have because of the content Daily Focal has.

Doris turned a university project into something that has already helped so many people. She bravely talks about her experiences, struggles and successes. She continues to be a source of inspiration and comfort to me.

Hannah has provided an environment for people to talk openly about mental health. No topic is easy and controversy is easy to find, yet every week a group of strangers, now friends discuss mental health as a general topic along side personal experiences.

Kay is so open and honest in her experiences and struggles. Though her blog MHStories people have the opportunity to share and discover the challenges and successes of others.

#ItAffectsMe was / is such a wonderful campaign. Laura has spoken at conference, news studio, to politicians, presenters and reporters about mental health and possibly more importantly the stigma around mental health. 

I know Laura as a former colleague. Recently she took the very brave decision to become freelance. Laura is not the first person I have known to do this, but every time I hear someone I know making this decision it feels me with pride for that person. They, like Laura has, are such an inspiration that we should believe in ourselves and our own value. 

Chole, like my very good friend Rich, appeared on a national tv programme to talk about her mental illness. This is an extremely brave thing to do. I would never diminish the role, importance or effect a blog can have. However putting yourself on tv, nationally, is quite different. Chloe fills me with inspiration that we are not weak or failures. We are warriors, we are battling daily and we should be proud of that fight. That achievement. 

Today I am thankful I know these women. Each in their own way has and continues to be a source of inspiration and pride.

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