19 February 2017

Written by Lauren Francis
for Daily Focal

What with an Odeon, Cineworld and IMAX seemingly everywhere you wouldn't be naive to think these are the places you have to go to get your film fix. In actual fact there are plenty of independent cinemas dotted about offering a more unique experience. Here are my cinema finds to get you tempted to try somewhere new.

After many years standing derelict this fabulous Art Deco theatre is been back in the swing of things. Ranging from modern blockbusters to vintage classics that draw in the crowds, it will feel like you have slipped back in time when sit down and watch a movie here.

Aside from their 4 other standard screens, Studio 5 is a more exclusive area with a mere 40 comfy sofas and arm chairs. Not only this but each comes with a blanket, a foot stall and table service, what more could you want.

Grab your swimwear because a hot tub cinema exists. It may not be a permanent fixture but it will sure as hell make you wonder if there is any better way to sit outdoors and watch a film!

Simply plonking yourself on a chair is not enough of an experience anymore because the Edible Cinema has been born. This one is certainly for the foodies out there and periodically during the film you will be prompted to open a specific numbered container which holds a mini snack or cocktail for you to indulge. This is a sure sell-out so be sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming screenings.

The train and tracks are long gone but The Station still has its uses. When just a cinema isn't enough, enjoy this little community hub that boasts a cafe, restaurant, 3D art store, exhibitions, community activities and food from award winning artisan food producers.

Lacking in big open spaces? No longer a problem. The rooftop film club returns this spring and is the perfect getaway if you want a couple of hours forgetting you are in a big city.

The UK’s largest drive through cinema is here in Kent and is playing all the latest movies. It is a tad on the expensive side but for a chance to experience the American way it is certainly worth a go. For those wondering how you hear the movie the sound plays through your car radio, genius!

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