01 February 2017

Written by Lauren Francis
for Daily Focal

Hands up if you love chocolate. Chocolate is no longer just squares, cakes or truffles of deliciousness, it expands far wider and it’s time to embrace it. Today’s post is a Chocoholics dream and looks at my top 7 chocolate inspired things to do.

If the shop isn't enough to coax you in to see the most glorious chocolate creations, then their cafe will sure as hell get you running for the door. Cakes, brownies, dipping pots, sundaes and of course to die for molten hot chocolates, be prepared to be in a chocolate coma for some time.

Combining my love for cocktails and chocolate, this is literally my ideal workshop. Go it alone or grab your friends for an experience that is going to be pure delicious fun. No calories need to be counted!

What could be more perfect than visiting one of the ultimate chocolate havens? Put on those comfy shoes and prepare yourself for a tour of the charming old part of Zurich and discover the city’s most irresistible and delectable treats.

Would you say you are a chocolate connoisseur? Whether you are or are not, Chocolate 101 has got you covered at their tasting event. Enjoy the whimsical delights on offer and open your mind to all things chocolate.

If festivals are your thing then how about a 2 day extravaganza devoted to chocolate. As well as showcasing chocolate producers and artisans from across the country, you can also learn skills at the cookery workshop, partake in family activities or simply kick back at the prosecco bar whilst eating handmade chocolates.

The majority of post we receive is either junk or bills, so get some post that you are going to enjoy by joining Melts Exclusive Club. Choose a monthly box of chocolates or selection of bars, and their chocolatiers will handcraft your chocolate whilst you sit back and wait for them to be delivered through your letter box.

If we are talking no expense spared then this is it. Hotel Chocolat’s first hotel situated in St Lucia with an array of cacao based pamper in paradise body treatments, tours and food to indulge any chocoholic. For those of us who can’t hop foot it over to St Lucia then there are plenty of chocolate based spa treatments or at home beauty treats here in the UK.

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Which one of these would be the top of your Chocoholic love list?
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  1. Anonymous1/2/17

    My goodness me!! What temptations in this beautifully written blog.Cant wait for the next one.



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