02 February 2017

Written by Kirsty Hanson
for Daily Focal

Netflix's 3% is the first original series from Brazil. 3% follows the beginning of The Process, as the 20-year-olds striving to reach the promised land known as the Offshore, sign up for a series of difficult physical, mental and social challenges which aim primarily to reduce their numbers. The main goal of The Process is to dwindle the hundreds of candidates down to 3%, since only 3% are able to be sent to the Offshore.

This dystopian series blew my mind; I loved how the whole show was in Spanish/Portuguese and that there was a diverse cast - all the actors show so much potential for future movies/series. Our main characters - Michele (Bianca Comparato), Fernando (Michel Gomes), Rafael (Rodolfo Valente), Joana (Vaneza Oliveira) and Marco (Rafael Lozano) - are focused, driven and cautious individuals who have their eyes set on becoming the 3%, but not everything goes their way and a system threatens to ruin The Process.

What was brilliant about this show was that it was binge-worthy, and do you know what made it binge-worthy? The fact that it had an incredible storyline, incredible actors and that this immense plot was tightly packed in eight episodes. There were plot twists and shocks that made you keep clicking "next episode" and by the time that you've finished episode eight, you're left hankering for season two (which has already been confirmed!)

Sure, having the subtitles on is a bit distracting but it's brilliant that Netflix have made a foreign series that is aimed at a teenage audience. I haven't seen this lately and it's a breath of fresh air for foreign actors to gain this worldwide recognition for their brilliant acting.

I thoroughly recommend watching 3%. It will only take you eight hours and you'll get a plot twist in every episode and come on… You get to watch some amazing TV. What more is there to ask for?

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