06 February 2017

Written by Charlie Pallett
for Daily Focal

We've all been there, sat at the pub or at a family gathering and these topics of 'where do you keep the ketchup?' etc come up and they conversation goes on and on, with contradicting theories run all night.
But what do you keep in the fridge?
Should these items been kept in the fridge or not.

Ketchup: Where should it be?

Let us know where do you keep them?
What do you think should be in or out of the fridge!

1. Ketchup 

2. Apples

3. Bread

4. Eggs

5. Face Masks

6. Batteries

7. Mustard

8. Potatoes

9. Bananas

10. Oranges

11. Coffee

12. Onions

13. Avocado

14. Herbs

15. Tortoises
(Yes. People hibernate their pet tortoises in the fridge)

16. Nail Varnish

17. Jam

18. Candles

19. Camera film

We'd love to know...
Which off these do you think should be in/or out of the fridge?
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  1. Eggs, bread and ketchup right here!

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