04 February 2017

Written by Charlie Pallett
for Daily Focal

The time we all dread; Meeting the parents.
The most stressful time in an early relationship.

'Will they like me?'
'Am I good enough for their Son/Daughter?'
'Will I fit in?'
Here's 11 things you should discuss before meeting the parents!

No-Go Areas
Many parents have no-go areas whether it's asking about their past, first relationships or certain topics that might spring up instant dislike and toleration

'Have we had sex?'
Definitely decided on whether you want your parents to know the seriousness of your relationship or not before meeting the parents before the younger brother asks the awkward question over dinner

Nothing worse than the parents bringing up the 'Family Future' conversation before you've even had it yourselves. So chat about this first before you have your first domestic over the dinner table of the future in-laws

Where did we meet?
Are your parents calm, collected and former ravers and would love to hear about your drunken one night stand 2 Years Ago while you were completely hammered at Uni or would they prefer to hear how you were friends and school and bumped into each other in the corner shop last month

Some families can be really formal when it comes to the first meeting and some can be really strict about politics. So it's best to set that straight with your partner first and agree to avoid that subject before endure some political disagreements over pudding

Little White Lies
Are there any past events that you lied about and said you we're visiting your cousin at uni when you actually jetted to Amstadam at 16 for a wild weekend that are probably best not mentioning

Potential Parent in Law: 'What do you want to drink?'
You: 'Can I have a Large Glass of Sauvignon, it's been a tough week!'

No. No. No. (Hide in a hole)

Best to set straight if they're drinkers or not and tolerate your 'Glass of Wine' after work routine or if it's best to opt for the glass of cordial

Family Deaths
Nothing worse than asking about the family and bringing up a recent death and causing a emotional family breakdown

Do they like tattoos? If not, best to wear jeans and not a dress on the first meeting before dropping the tattoo bomb and avoid showing your tattoo of 'Where's Wally?' on your calf that seemed like such a good idea in Zante at the time

Shoes on/Shoes off
Seems silly but there is nothing more important than first impressions when meeting the parents.
Is their house a 'shoes on in the living room' kind of place or a 'shoes off at the door' household.

Dietary Requirements 
Make sure your partner and partners family are aware of your dietary needs before forgetting to and end up heading to dinner on the first meeting for a Sunday Roast of Goose and Beef Gravy when you've been a Vegetarian for 10 Years

We'd love to know...
Are there certain things you wish you'd discussed before meeting his/her parents?
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