28 January 2017

Written by Marc Lamberts
for Daily Focal

Blogging can mean so much to people in so many different ways. I started blogging as a way to cope with my mental health problems, but one of the things I never thought would happen, was that I would become a better person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always striving to be a better person, but I had no idea blogging would contribute to that. But it did!

 People warned me about the blogging world being vicious and mean, but I have never experienced this. On the contrary, I think I’ve experienced so much support and help. It really started to take off when I started to blog about mental health and if I look back, that’s the time when I also became a better person.

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 I don’t think I was a horrible person, but the fact that I saw people struggling with self confidence or self worth make me think about what I could do. I may be a stranger or someone you don’t really know, but I thought I could make people smile for a few seconds. And I did. As soon as people told me I had a positive impact on their day or lives, I started to think more about me as a person.

It was then that I was beginning to invest more in relationships online, making more friends on the way. It made me a better person to talk to different people – both male and female – from different countries, with different cultures and values. It made me more accepting and educated about the concept of friendship. Everything that was taught me, made me a better person.

 It has made me a better person by spreading love to people. Letting them know they are appreciated and loved. I make sure they are admired and connected with each other, my first aim is to be positive and supportive. I know there’s quite some negativity on twitter or the blogging world going at the moment, but I choose positivity. I made the decision to corrupt hate with love and I made the decision to better myself. Get rid of those negative feelings, emotions or comments. I think becoming a blogger has helped me do that. 

It’s easy to be negative, but I can honestly say that by helping others, cheering on their success, I’ve become a better person and a good friend. Choose positivity and become better person. It has brought me great things, like working together with great bloggers on this platform.

We'd love to know...
What did blogging bring you?
Do you feel that you have become a better person because of it?
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