24 January 2017

Written by Kirsty Hanson
for Daily Focal

So, you've probably guessed by the fact that I run a book website and also contribute bookish articles to The Daily Focal, that I am obsessed with books. I live and breathe them. Of course, being so actively involved within the book community also means that I hear a lot about book subscription boxes. They're all the rage right now. People just can't seem to get enough of waiting for that box that contains little goodies and a book - BUT THEY DON’T KNOW WHICH BOOKS or which goodies are inside.

I decided to compile a list of the top 5 book boxes that are out there.
(By the way, this list is in no particular order!)

Owlcrate is a U.S based book box and every single box includes a brand new young adult novel, 3-5 high quality bookish items, as well as exclusive goodies from the author! Every box has a creative theme that ties everything together. For example, the December box was based around the theme of 'Epic' and included:
Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst
Harry Potter Mystery Mini ( Funko 
  -  Narnia-inspired Greeting Card ( Susanne Draws )
Lord of the Rings -inspired Enamel Pin ( Jane Mount )
A Darker Shade of Magic -inspired Sticker ( Miss Phi )
Game of Thrones Coasters ( Dark Horse Comics)
-  Exclusive OwlCrate "Owl Skull" Button.
- Exclusive Of Fire and Stars Author Letter and Bookmark.

Pricing plans:
Monthly subscription - $29.99 USD + shipping
3 Month Pre Pay - $86.98 USD + shipping

6 Month Pre Pay - $167.94 USD + shipping

Почему бы и не объединить #SockSunday и содержимое посылки от #owlcrate в один пост? Тем более, что по цвету все сочетается 😂 ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Это был мой первый опыт заказа такой коробочки, а все виновата чёрная пятница в декабре ибо без скидок цена кусается, причём не столько цена за саму коробку (она оправдана: в конце-концов внутри книга в твёрдой обложки, а они стоят чуть ли не вдвое дороже мягких), сколько за доставку. Заказала в начале декабря - получила 21 января (по данным трека в Россию она прибыла за две недели до этой даты, что меня несколько нервировало 😅). !!! Коробка ни во что не упакована, но благо, внутри нет ничего хрупкого, поэтому и ломаться особо нечему. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Темой декабрьской коробки была 'Эпичность' А внутри было: * 'О звёздах и пламени' Одри Колтраст Магия + нестандартная любовь между принцессой и тренершой лошадей (врооооде как 😂) + предательства + приключения У книги уже довольно много поклонников и она даже завоевала какой-то там приз в YA номинации. Надеюсь, что в январе-феврале я уже успею с ней ознакомиться ;) * Фигурка Рона Уизли, выпадает рандомно из всей ГП-братии * Набор подставок под кружки от 'Игры Престолов' * Брошь 'Властелин Колец', которая займёт гордое место на сумке :D * Открытка из первого фильма 'Хроники Нарнии' * Ещё одна открытка с OwlCrate-приветствием и разными персонажами на ней ( В т.ч.: ВК, ГП, ПЛиО, ХН) * Значок с черепом совы (на фото его нет - украла собака 😆 Значок впоследствии спасён ;) ) * Двухсторонняя закладка с рекламой новой книги Вероники Рот * Письмо от автора книги с автографом * Наклейка с цитатой из 'Темного оттенка магии' Шваб * Анонс следующей коробки, темой который станет ремикс классических произведений, а одним из подарков - литературный чай *_* ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ В общем и целом мне очень понравилось, такая коробка - настоящее счастье для книгомана *__* была бы доставка не такой пугающей и можно было бы вполне стать постоянным покупателем, а так разве что изредка выбирать уж очень сильно понравившиеся коробки и избирательно заказывать. #чточитаешь #книги #книга #чтение #мирдолжензнатьчтоячитаю #книжныйманьяк #book #books #bookish#bookhowl #booklove #booknerd #bookworm#booklover #younga
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Illumicrate is a book box based in the UK. Like all book boxes, it includes a hardcover novel (in this case, it's YA) and also includes some bookish gifts. However, unlike OwlcrateIllumicrate deliver a box every quarter so yes, you are saving money by not having it every month, but then you have the dilemma of NOT ACTUALLY HAVING THESE AWESOME GOODIES EVERY MONTH! Decisions, decisions…
The February 2015 Illumicrate box included:
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (with signed bookplate and exclusive postcard with message)
- Bookcase Pouch by Elena Illustration (exclusive)
- Loveboat Set by BeeDoo (exclusive)
- A Darker Scent of Magic Candle by Simple Candle Co (exclusive)
- Bookish Quote Pencils by Pobble and Ping (exclusive colours)
- Threadsisters Bookmark by Daydreaming Designs (exclusive colours)

Extras: The It Girl tote bag and bookmark, The Dark Days Club badge and bookmark, My Life Next Door lemonade recipe

Pricing plans:

£29.99 per box + shipping if outside UK (free shipping for UK)

The Nerdy Bookworm Box is a curated monthly subscription box focusing on all things nerdy and bookish! Each month, you will receive a new fantasy or science fiction novel, our mini-magazine, exclusive access to the online reader experience, as well as 4-6 themed bookish treats and goodies, all hand-picked and created just for you. Many of the items are also custom-made and exclusive, so you won't be able to find them anywhere else! 
The August 2016 box included:
Unplugged by Donna Freitas
- The Glad Scent Pack by Owlchemy
- I'd Rather Be Divergent keychain by Fable & Black
- The Factions Magnetic Bookmarks by From New Leaf
- Arrows and Anarchy Coffee by Cracked Black Inc.
- Fire is Catching Mug by Nerdy Bookworm Box
Fahrenheit 451 Quote Poster by Nerdy Bookworm Box
- Extras: Monthly mini magazine
(photo here: - photo credit to @cosyreads)

Pricing plans:
£29.99 per box + shipping if outside UK (FREE shipping to UK)
Three month and six month subscriptions are also available

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Fairy Loot is another UK based book subscription that mainly focuses on YA fantasy but they love to delve into other genres! Every month, Fairy Loot have a different theme and they select an exciting new YA title with 4-6 hand selected goodies that correspond with that theme. 
The December 2016 box was based around the theme of Sci-fi adventure and included:
Flashfall by Jenny Moyer
- Signed bookplate, bookmark and a letter from the author
- Full size Star Wars Vinyl Figure from Funko
- Exclusive Lunar Chronicles art print
- Exclusive Red Rising buttons
- Exclusive galaxy socks
- Exclusive Kryptonite bath powder 
- Exclusive Starbound trilogy bookmark
Way Down Dark book sample
Red Rising art print
Long Way to a Small Angry Planet art print

Pricing plans:
- Monthly subscription: £26.00 per box + £3.95 shipping fee IF you live in the UK (other charges apply if you live outside the UK)
- Three Months Pre Pay subscription: £78.00 + £3.95 shipping fee IF you live in the UK (other charges apply if you live outside the UK)
- Six Months Pre Pay subscription: £156.00 + £3.95 shipping fee IF you live in the UK (other charges apply if you live outside the UK)

Photo by @DropandGiveMeNerdy

Paper Street Books and Comics is a U.S bases book subscription box and is made for the book addicts, comics obsessed, and for those who just really love to read! We send books and/or graphic novels (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller/Suspense genres) every 2 months along with 1-3 items to match the theme! Items ranges from shirts, funkos, jewelry, bath, and unique art prints! You can pick and choose whether you want your box to centre around a book, a graphic novel or both! 
The October 2016 boxes' theme was 'Dead' and included:
- Welcome to Deadland book by Zachary Tyler Linville
- Graveyard Quest graphic novel by KC Green
- Dead Snow candle by Milk and Jelly
- Zombies! Run! Foot soak by Milk and Jelly
- If I Can't Bring My Books, I'll Die patch

Pricing plans:
$29.99 / 2 months + shipping

Photo by +My Subscription Addiction 

I only subscribe to one book box a month otherwise it could become a very expensive luxury for me, so I only subscribe to Fairy Loot because it's U.K based which means the shipping is way way cheaper for me, I love fantasy and I love the goodies that they include. I also think that Owlcrate is absolutely amazing but the shipping cost to the U.K was extortionate and I couldn't part with that much money. I also love the idea of Paper Street Books and Comics because I haven't really come across any subscription boxes that include graphic novels - so I think this is a fab idea!

Obviously, this is only five of the book boxes that are available to you - there are many many more out there that offer genre specific (or not) boxes that are as amazing as these ones.

We'd love to know...
Which box do you like the look of?
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  1. This is Jeff parker & I am really fond of books. Especially when it comes to custom subscription packaging with printing, it look more fascinating and eye catching, Although never judge a book by its cover.



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