11 January 2017

Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

It’s time for the big next step in the relationship… Moving in together.
You’ve realised you love each other (hopefully), you want to be together, you want to fully give your relationship a shot… so you move in together.
Are you ready for it though?

The bills, the nagging, the tidying, the arguing, the TV show choosing, the cleaning… the list is endless.
There are also many positives to living with your partner, don’t get me wrong. You’re living with your best friend, you can be completely yourself, you learn a lot about each other (good and bad!), you learn to compromise, you laugh a lot - its grand.
Here are just a few things that you should maybe know before you move in with your other half. 
  1. Their tidying habits. You should be able to tell this from the state of their current bedroom or how they are round their current house. Do they leave clothes on the floor for weeks? Or put them away as soon as they have been washed? Do plates, mugs etc get put in the dishwasher or washed up? Or just left on the side till someone else moves them? – All things to look out for! If your other half is untidy in their current house… usually means they will keep this up in your new home together! Unless you do a little pre-warning/ pre-agreement to move in chat! Be ready to kick them into action!

  2. Life Knowledge. Speaking from my own experience here, my boyfriend had/probably still has no idea about anything relating to bills, who we pay our bills to, when we pay them, who we’d need to contact if something went wrong etc. See if your partner knows any of these things in case you don’t and try and work through it together. Unfortunately due to work I had more time than my partner to work everything out, so I got lumbered with it all! One day we will go through everything hopefully! 

  3. Belongings. Probably by know you’ll be aware of how many possessions/belongings they have you don’t want to be fighting over wardrobe space when you’re unpacking! 

  4. Personal Space. Consider how much space you want from your parents or whoever you live with at the moment and think about how you may still want this space when you live with your partner! It’s not one big love fest 24/7 you will want a little room to breathe at times! Remember what it is you love to do for instance, I will sit upstairs and read or watch countless Youtube video while my partner will be on his PS4.
    Everyone’s happy!

  5. Quality time. This completely goes out the window when you move in together as your thoughts turn to. Well we are together all the time! What more do they want from me!? Although you are living together, remember to keep the spark alive and spend some quality time together. This doesn’t mean sitting on the sofa on your laptop while the other ones watching TV!

We'd love to know...
Did you consider certain things before moving in with your partner?
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