01 January 2017

Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

The Christmas tree is down, the days are long and cold and dark and gloomy and pay day is still forever away, so you’re aren’t off to the greatest of starts, but here are some tips to try and pull yourself through the god awful month of January. I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure I am the best person to write this post as I suffer terribly with January blues, but this year I’m going to (try to) take my own advice.

Don't enter 2017 down in the bumps, use these simple tips to ensure you don't get a case of the January Blues.
Here are 5 things to lift your spirits over the next 31 days.

1. Get yourself out of the house (and pyjamas)
I know you are poor, we all are, but either save a little reserve from your Christmas payday so you can do something fun in January or fill your time with free activities. There are so many options, take a long walk round the park, along the seafront or just wander into your local town/city and do some window shopping. Do some volunteering, it will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Get some friends together and do a workout, it will make you feel better about life, I promise. Go out for that drink that your friend has invited you out for, hell a lime and soda is only 90p or go all out and drink that large glass of Sauvignon Blanc that has your name written all over it. If you stay inside all month you will fester and will hate the world, fact.

2. Plan something exciting for later in the Year
Think of something you really want to do in 2017, or somewhere you want to go and start thinking about it and planning it. Build up that excitement! I am desperate to go to Budapest next year and although I definitely won’t be able to afford to book anything in January, I can start writing lists and researching where to stay and what to do and oh I’m excited already.

3. Work on those new year’s resolutions/goals for the year
I never, ever, ever stick to my resolutions so this year I thought renaming them “yearly goals” may trick me into actually achieving some of them and becoming a better person. I’ve included some enjoyable ones that I will actually want to achieve (like reading all of the Harry Potter books) which I hope will motivate me to do some of the others too. As January is so miserable I thought I’d make an effort to really get stuck into my goals for the year, so hopefully come January I will have seen enough progress to make me want to keep going. 

4. Have a good old Winter Clean
Nothing more cathartic than going through your sock drawer and throwing out all your mismatched pairs, right? Spend some time de-cluttering your life, I know I don’t need 7 empty mascaras but I just can’t seem to throw them away?! Then once you’ve done that have a clean and I mean proper clean, toothbrush clean. You will feel ever so virtuous when the smell of bleach rings through the house.

5. Listen to some music
Sounds simple, but it really is good for the soul. Get on Spotify (other streaming apps are available) find something you love, or discover something new. Turn it up really loud, sing at the top of your voice and dance around like an absolute fool. You will feel euphoric. 

Here’s to a more pleasurable January and I’d love to hear any tips you may have to beat those blues!

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  1. Some good tips, I'm thinking of getting wireless speakers for home to get more music on.



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