15 January 2017

Written by Mike Douglas
for Daily Focal

Today is the third day in a row I have arrived to work early. The first day I just started working straight away because someone asked me a question. The two days that followed I have made an effort to drop my bag and coat at my desk, then walk away immediately. I go and sit in the canteen and check out my twitter feed, maybe even find a couple of blog posts to read.

I should explain that we have a park and ride system that has come into place this week and will be with us until the summer. So I think it's important for me to try to make the most of the time I have when I get in early. 
First up, I've started walking to and from the car, not waiting for the park and ride bus. I need that extra exercise at the moment (LOL). Secondly having 20 minutes in the morning to go through Twitter and read a couple of articles is really nice. It does feel like my day is quite a bit longer. But that's more to do with things like my lowering concentration levels than being here early I think. 

A colleague mentioned the gym we have at my workplace for an after work workout. Am I the only one to think 'yay it's cheap' but 'I don't want work people to see me workout'?
That definitely puts me off. I very much doubt that I would use the gym here. That's just not happening. Do any of you use a workplace gym?

I think I'll continue to try and get in early it's this or be late as traffic is pretty bad at the moment. Plus I have enjoyed the couple of days this week coming in early and having some literature time. 
Is this something you have to consider? Especially for those of us that travel for work. I mean I'm not actually that far from work. I think it's about 30 miles, but traffic makes a 25 minute journey over an hour most days. 

We'd love to know...

How do you use the time before or after work at your workplace?
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