21 January 2017

Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

Work, work, work…
I’m sure a lot of people feel like that is all they do with their lives. Work, pray for longer weekends and sleep! It’s true when people say you shouldn’t live to work, but work to live, although it can be said that many people just work 24/7 to not even fund an overly great lifestyle!
Anyway, people work in a whole host of places doing many different things. Today we are talking how to survive office jobs… those days when you’re just stuck to your desk with too much to do, haven’t moved in 3 hours, can’t see the radiant sun outside due to the breeze block buildings around you…that kinda office job.

Here are a few tips for surviving:
  1. Moving – I find what really helps my sanity while sat at my desk is to get up and move around… even if it’s just a walk to the toilet or to get a drink. Every hour I try to move, which is also good for your body as you shouldn’t sit for too long but its also good for your mind to just focus on doing something else momentarily.

  2. Breaks – really appreciate whatever breaks you get. I’m quite lucky with breaks, everyone breaks at 11 & 4 for tea and we all have lunch at 1-2. I really appreciate the time everyone has together to be able to chat and switch off from work. Just catch up on your weekends, gossip etc… it’s nice when you get to know your colleagues and form a bond.

  3. Drinks – take your fave tea, coffee, hot chocolate, water bottle etc – having something to drink at work that you really enjoy is always going to perk up your mood and give you something to look forward to.

  4. Don’t eat at your desk – again similar to the breaks one, really try and leave your desk for lunch. Go for a walk or just sit with your colleagues, not only will it relax you but it’ll give you a fresh start to the afternoon and you will feel as if you have had a proper break.
  5. Music – if you’re allowed your headphones in, whack out a playlist you love or even a podcast. Just something you love listening to and will get you through your day.

  6. Plans – make plans during the week, meet up with a pal for lunch, go to the pub in the evening… have something to look forward to.

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Are there certain things you do to ensure you enjoy your job?
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