09 January 2017

Written by Nafisha Atcha
for Daily Focal

2016 was the year I wholeheartedly got in too youtube. Be it watching it, creating content for it or simply talking about it with friends and family, I became almost obsessed with the platform. As Youtube is full of amazing content creators, especially within the beauty and lifestyle sector, I wanted to share five youtube content creators, you will fall in love with in 2017. 

I fell in love with Melanies videos. Her honesty, vibrant Irish Personality and her ability to discuss anything from Self Care to Banana's on Toast is why I love watching her videos. I had the fortune to meet Melanie in July and have to say she is as lovely in person as she appears in her videos. 

I have been watching Lydia's vlogs for a while now but I fell in love with her videos during the month of December. She was taking part in Vlogmas and I fell in love with her little world. Lydia is a luxury lifestyle blogger but is also as genuine and lovely as they come. Lydia is not afraid to say what she thinks and shows how hard people in the industry work. 

I only recently came across Lucy's channel and I ended up binge watching a few of her videos catching up on the content I had missed. I cannot put my finger on why I find her videos so engaging but I am hooked. I think it is a mix of relatability (She discusses body image and other big topics surrounding mental health)and Lucy being the type of girl who if we met, I know I would be friends with 

I have watched Sabrina's Channel for a good few years now and everytime I do, I am amazed that she does have more subscribers than she already does. Sabrina, is raw, genuine and funny. Her videos range from beauty and fashion to daily vlogs, all of which shows what Sabrina is all about. If you are looking for honest beauty recommendations, you have come to right channel. 

I have been watching Brogan's videos for many years now and aboslutely love the direction her life and videos are taking at the moment. Brogan talks about all things travel, beauty and fashion but my faovurite videos of hers to watch are the weekly vlogs series she uploads to her channel. She is currently in New York and I cannot wait to see what she thought of the beautiful city.

We'd love to know...
Which content creators do you have your eye on in 2017?
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  1. I completely fell in love with Lydia too during her vlogmas!!



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