17 January 2017

Written by Charlie Pallett
for Daily Focal

So there is gifts for bakers, gin lovers, book lovers, fitness fanatics etc, but it seems there are also gifts for (wait for it..) lovers of bacon.

I thought gin themed gifts were all the craze but it seem I'm mistaken! Bacon lover gift are all the rage and there are a lot of them!
So, here you go bacon obsessives, here is a gift guide for you!

You can even smell like your favourite food! 
Wear your love for bacon to work.
Chocolate and bacon - dream come true?
You can even brush your teeth with bacon!
Wear bacon with pride!
Even carry your cash around in bacon!
Bacon jelly beans... So wrong or SO RIGHT?!
For lovers of bacon... and tea!
Even cover your wounds in bacon!
Scent your house with bacon!
Floss your teeth with bacon!
Read about bacon...
Smell like bacon!
We'd love to know...
Are you the ultimate bacon lover?
Would you love to receive these bacon themed gifts?
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