01 December 2016

Written by Nafisha Atcha
for Daily Focal

'Christmas is my favourite time of year' A friend said to me. My response 'Me too' is usually followed by them being slightly confused and asking if I celebrate Christmas. The straightforward answer is no, as a muslim Christmas is not something I celebrate but I still love December and the Christmas season and here is why: 

"Boxing Day is the day we usually all gather around at my grans for a big nice family meal."
 From the moment Winter hits, I am arranging plans to visit the Christmas Markets with my friends. There is something so beautiful about walking in the dark nights seeing the beautifully lit stalls while drinking a warm cup of Tea or Hot Chocolate. The feeling of content even among the Christmas chaos is evident and infectious to everyone in the area. 

When Christmas day comes around it is usually one of the few days my dad has off work so the morning starts of slow with me doing some writing or catching up on my TV shows from the week. When the rest of the family is up I shut my laptop and will more often than not sit around with my family chatting, catching up, watching Christmas TV. I love Christmas films like Love Actually and The Holiday. We have a nice breakfast and a light-ish lunch and just take things at a slow pace. 

The evening usually involves spending time with my extended family. We are all quite close so we like to get together as often as we can. We use the Christmas Holidays as an excuse to meet up giggle, watch the Doctor Who Christmas special and fill up on a massive load of junk food. 

Boxing Day is the day we usually all gather around at my grans for a big nice family meal. We traditionally have Chicken, with some veg and Yorkshire Puddings (An absolute must in an Atcha Household) The rest of the time is spent with the loved ones in deep conversations, light chats, watching cheesy TV in the background. 

We do not have the religious connotations that come with Christmas, nor do we have the big presents but everyone is a good mood. Getting together with loved ones during the festive period is different to other times of the year. There is no work related stress and there is no sense of urgency to have to be somewhere else soonish! Much like the rest of December, the atmosphere is happy, relaxed and full of yummy food. 

This is why December is my favourite time of year, good vibes, friends, family and food.

Quite frankly, I am not sure what else a girl needs in her life.

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