08 December 2016

Written by Lauren Smedley
for Daily Focal

Back in 2011 I was embarking on my journey to starting uni. Thrown in the deep end living with a group of people I had never met in a large tower block full of 100s more students; I was excited.
Little did I know of the daily clean freak struggle.

"3 months in, the place was a mess"
In September I moved in and met my room mates, 2 girls and 1 boy all Londoners and seemed very nice. First of all we shared everything and cooked together. Not caring about the mess we would party every night and clean up together in the morning.

3 months in, the place was a mess every man for themselvesthe boy had set fire to the work surface (totally ruined costing a lot of money), dirty hand prints all over the fridge, food being stolen and probably some rats hidden under the mounds of rubbish on the floor.

This was the moment I made a plan and today I am going to help you:

Surface wipes solve all.
Get a JUMBO pack and wipe EVERY surface with them before using anything- you never know where a re usable cloth has been.

Get a Mini fridge.
This solves people sticking fingers in your food or even worse nicking it so when you get back you have no dinner.

Keep your own set of plates and cutlery in case there aren't any clean ones left in the kitchen.
Dont let anyone see these though or they will think you are weird (perhaps you are.)

Get a cleaner.
All chip in and get a cleaner to come once a week and really tackle the piles of rubbish you have been wading through on the floor. This also avoids arguments.

Toilet (dont even go there)
There is nothing you can do in this minefield but grin and bare it.

Try and chill out.
Your clean room is your safe haven and the jungle outside can wait!

I hope you found this list useful, from one clean freak to another, you can get through it!

We'd love to know...
How do you keep your clean freak needs at bay in Uni halls?

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