04 December 2016

Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

Gin will always be my better half as long as death do us part. It has become very 'trendy' of late and there are a plethora of gifts that are perfect for your gin loving auntie, mum, dad, best friend, yourself... The list goes on. I have rounded up the best 15 that include a few unusual ones.

A Gin lovers heaven!
I have to honest, I’m not entirely sure what this is but it looks great doesn’t it? You basically get 2 pre-made cocktail infusion bags where you just need to add gin and then a large variety of seeds you can plant and grow yourself including: Cucumber 'Burpless Tasty Green', Rosemary Officinalis, Basil 'Aristotle' and Thyme 'Olde English'. You also get a cocktail recipe book, what’s not to love!
Ginalicious Gin Botanical Cocktail Garden Kit from Not on the High Street | Buy Here
I thought I better start with one of my favourite gin’s because lets be realistic a gin lover will love all these gifts, but the gift they will love the most is gin itself. With the key botanical of black tea, bergamot, wood, hay and pepper this is delightful with a cold tonic and is served best with a twist of orange peel, delish.
It’s an unnecessary and sparkly gin clutch bag, so obviously I love it. It’s not for everyone, but it is for me.

Gin Clutch Bag from Not on the High Street | Buy Here
The classiest way to drink gin, FACT. These traditional gin and tonic glasses somehow makes gin taste so much better and they work out at just £5 each, bargain!

Speakeasy Gin Balloon Glssess from DrinkStuff | Buy Here
These little beauts are delightful, for somebody who has everything….. I bet they don’t have one of these. Handcrafted and stamped from vintage and antique cutler.
Handmade G&T Stirrer from eBay | Buy Here
It’s time to get crafty, purchase yourself a G, a T and an ampersand (&) and then go crazy, you can paint them – mine are grey and navy, or you can decoupage  them if you are feeling really wild. A great (and reasonably priced gift) that is extra special because you’ve made it yourself! 
Chocolate in the shape of gin that also tastes of gin, what more could a girl want.
Novelty, check. Gin related, check. Christmas themed, check. GIMME. This jumper is what dreams are made of and I need it.
Yeh gin and tonic is great, as is gin and bitter lemon and gin and pineapple (you get the idea) but with this little bible you can start creating gin cocktails to wow you guests, or yourself. 
Everyone loves a mug and usually come January everyone at work is swishing about with their new sassy mug for a few weeks until it gets all stained and skanky again. This is so cute and a great gift idea for your bestie.
Gin & Vokda Mug from Not on the High Street | Buy Here
This is a delightful stocking filler for any gin lover and is useful too, lovely old job.
Gingle Bells Tote Bag from Not on the High Street | Buy Here
Another lovely stocking filler – I think this would be great to apply (constantly) whilst sitting at your desk so you can pretend its Saturday night with the girls…. Not Tuesday morning with clients!
This is perfect for any mummy out there who loves gin and they also sell a tea towel in the same print!
'Gin Keeps Mummy Sane' Apron from Not on the High Street | Buy Here
Because everyone has a ridiculously large collection of empty notepad’s, right? You can also get wine, rum, cider and whisky versions so it’s great for any alcohol loving soul.
Gin Notepad from Bold and Bright | Buy Here
This quirky monochrome print would look great in any kitchen or dining room, or bar (if you’re lucky enough to have one). You can buy just the print or can select a framing option….. Although it is probably cheaper to frame it yourself.
'Gin is My Sprit Animal' Print | Buy Here
So, there we go!
Enjoy you gin shopping (and lots of drinking no doubt!) over this festive season and make sure you hit me up with any gin related gems you’ve found!

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