24 December 2016

Written by Harry Westall
for Daily Focal

For quite a few of us, Christmas just isn’t the same as when we were children. The amount of gifts we get gets smaller and smaller, and there can be less things to look forwards too as we aren’t as easily pleased with novelty gifts anymore. The things we really want nowadays can’t be bought, which can sometimes make Christmas an extremely tough time of year for all.

However sometimes we can get caught up in the material things we don’t have and forget about the bigger picture. When we make Christmas about ourselves, we forget about the amazing things we can do for others. How awesome does it feel now, being a little older, to give gifts to a loved one? Especially when it’s something you know they’ll love? Is it just me or does it feel way better to give rather than receive nowadays? 

Making someone else’s Christmas better can really help to make our Christmas better too.

"Christmas is the season of giving. Because when we give, we gain everything."
Imagine going further with that gift of giving, and helping someone you may not know who is in need, someone who maybe lonely or vulnerable this Christmas time. Someone who hasn’t got anyone maybe. You could be their light in the darkness, and from seeing how that makes them feel with you there, imagine how it could make you feel, knowing that you’ve made someone’s Christmas, someone who really needed it, someone who needed something more than a material gift, the gift of friendship, love and compassion.

When we make Christmas less about us, we can really be opened up to so many possibilities to be of help and of service to others in this time. And funnily enough, when we make things less about us, we gain so much more than we could ever imagine. It’s hard to explain, but the gift of joy from helping someone else is such a beautiful thing.

This Christmas, I’m going to try so hard to not let the story of how I’m feeling get in the way. The story of what I don’t have, or what I want but can’t have. I’m going to try extra hard to give as much as I can, not just through material gifts, but through giving time and positivity to those who need it most. 

Christmas is the season of giving. Because when we give, we gain everything.

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