29 December 2016

Written by Charlie Pallett
for Daily Focal

It's a well known fact that 2016 was pretty... Shit!
We're all ending the year in a weird mind set of 'what the hell just happened over the last 12 months'?
So we thought we'd share with you 5 ways to make 2017 better than 2016 with some simple tips you can adapt into your daily life.

Try something new this New Year!
1. Try a new hobby
For me, taking up a new hobby can be very challenging and rewarding which are two things I think are really important to have in life to keep you entertained and interesting in everything you do.
So, in 2017 why not try a new hobby or two and see how you get on as you might realise you're really bloody good at it, or you just really enjoy doing it. But, you'll never know if you don't try.

Some examples of new hobbies that I've been thinking of trying out are; painting, candle making, writing a book, baking, going to the gym, scrap booking etc

2. Step up your social life
Mid-way through 2016 I felt a little flat and like my life was missing something. I've not had a huge social life since leaving college but that was my choice because I basically abused it as a teen.
But one of the best things I did in 2016 was step up my social life, make friends and get out of the house! I felt like a new person and my confidence grew massively!
So if you're feeling a little down in the dumps of the failure of 2016 as a year, then maybe try stepping up socially and see how you get one.

3. Try a new look
Along with my previous point about feeling 'flat' during 2016, before the year ended I decided to try a new look and booked an appointment with my mobile hairdresser, cut my hair into a little bob and dyed it blonde - because why the hell not.
I felt instantly fab and had new confidence just from having a different look that encouraged me to get out, update my wardrobe and feel fresh, ending 2016 on a high.
Now some of you might be reading this and thing I've had some kind of crisis but, no I haven't I was feeling uninterested and disengaged and wasn't sure why so I took the plunge and gave my 'look' a little sparkle of change and it was a really good decision for my mental health as well as my anxiety and confidence.

4. Get organised
I find getting organised can really change the game of stress and anxiety.
Do you ever feel there are never enough hours in the day? or you're always forgetting things?
Then, try simple ways to adapt your life into all-things-organised!
A good way to ease your life into being the king or queen of planning is to invest in some funky stationery. Get yourself a diary, meal planner, pack of post-it notes etc (BusyB is great brand for stationery for the organised. Get 15% OFF with Discount Code: BB15) and see if being planned and organised make you feel a little more brighter.

5. Travel
Whether you're exiting the post code or jet setting across the world, just simply leaving your comfort zone can really give you a change to chill and explore.
My partner and I find that exploring a new town or country can be really refreshing and helps to let go of the stress and attachment of daily life, even if it's just for the weekend!
Whether you prefer a trip to a busy city, walking in the hills or sunning on a beach travelling can be a great way to find new interested and gives excitement to your life which can improve your stress and mental health hugely.

We'd love to know...
Do you have any plans to make 2017 better than 2016?
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  1. Loving this post Charlie. Some simple steps that could certainly make a big difference xx

  2. Anonymous4/1/17

    Love the steps. Always trying to make myself start a new hobby but lasts for a week at most. I however feel that it's your attitude to make the year better, rather than trying to change yourself. Happy 2017!




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