20 December 2016

Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

Personally one of my main aims in life is to just be happy, and I think this is completely underrated. Everyone would love all the money in the world - it’d be super nice, but if you’re not happy, then what’s the point in having it? 

Happiness is such a simple yet great feeling contentment, joy, love all wrapped up in one. Some people say being content isn’t enough, however I feel it is definitely a good place to start.

Here are my 5 Top Tips to a Happier You:

1. Chill out
It’s your life at the end of the day, you can do want you want, when you want (within reason/obviously you can’t just leave when you’re at work for example). Whatever the issue is, someone is probably going through a lot worse somewhere, so just breathe, take a step back, think it through, talk to friends and relax.

2. Challenge yourself
I really need to do this more often, and that's to try something new. Conquer something you’re scared about, go to a new place etc. Just take yourself out of your comfort zone for a day or even just an hour. You will feel so much better, and happy in yourself that you’ve done it, conquered it and are a strong person. For me, I would probably have to go abseiling or something to do with heights because I’m petrified of them. When I was in school I climbed to the third set of logs on Jacob’s ladder – you would have thought I’d climbed a mountain I was so happy and proud of myself! 

3. Sleep
Most health and fitness enthusiasts speak nonstop about how important sleep is to a happier and healthier you, it’s true. Make sure/try to get enough sleep when and where you can, it will always make you feel that little bit better and more prepared for the day ahead.
‘A good night’s sleep heals everything’.

4. See your friends
A simple yet effective one.
We can all get stressed that we have so much on/to do that we forget our social lives. Our friends are the people who make us laugh, cry, talk lots and get us through the hard times. Keep up to date with them, go for lunch, dinner, have a night in – just make sure you try and socialise.

5. Stick at something
If you’re writing a blog, stick at it so you can see the progress. Whatever your hobby is or lifestyle change or anything in your life you think ‘ahh should I keep going’... Yeskeep going!
In a few months’ time you will see the progress and rewards of your perseverance and how happy it makes you. 

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What little things makes you happy?
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