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21 December 2016

Written by Mike Douglas
for Daily Focal

I don’t know about you but this year, doesn’t seem to have been amazing film wise. I’m not sure if it’s just the fact I’m still waiting for Frozen 2. Now next year’s movie line-up is an interesting one for me because we have lots of top titles, with many already part of large franchises.

There’s going to be the third incarnation of Spider-Man since 2002’s Spider-Man with Toby Maguire. A live action remake of 1992’s Beauty and the Beast. Alongside Star Wars 8, continuing a series of films that started in 1977. Heck, that’s without mentioning the Power Rangers and Baywatch movies!

What are you looking forward to seeing in film in 2017? 
Some of the movies I’ll be looking out for in 2017 are:
• Spider-Man
• Wonder Woman
• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
• Fate of the Furious
• Fast 8
• Pirates of the Caribbean
• Dead Men Tell No Tales
• Justice League
• Star Wars 8
• Logan
• Transformers
• Thor, Ragnarok
• Beauty and the Beast
• Power Rangers
• Baywatch
• Jumanji
• 50 Shades Darker
• Pitch Perfect 3

Spider Man
I liked the look of the new Spider-Man in Captain America, Civil War so I am interested in this new incarnation of the character. Which is a change, I have not cared for, or even watched any of the Anderw Garfield Spider-Man movies. It was a remake so close to the original being shown, I just felt like, I have already seen this story. I don’t want to watch it again.

Wonder Woman
I am pleased that Wonder Woman is having her own film, it’ll be great to have a female led movie. But…I am worried about the DC films. They just seem wide of the mark and too rushed. Marvel films took their time with each hero having one or two films before any ‘team up’. It’s been a well told story line with other characters like Dr. Strange now being added in reasonably well. Which is why I’m looking forward to Guardians 2. This will start to line up the GotG movies with the wider MCU. On the other side we have Justice League coming after one Superman and one ‘team up’ movie. It’s all too quick for me. Even Suicide Squad, which I was really excited for, was so bad at the simple stuff. The so called bad guys acted more like heroes than anything. For me the best thing about DC comics was the darker side of the stories and characters. Something the movies have desperately lacked.

Star Wars: Rogue One 
Last year’s Star Wars (7) was a great addition to the franchise, which was really damaged by episodes 2 and 3. I am not fussed about this year’s Rogue One as I see it as more of a spin off movie than one that impacts or reveals anything big within the story. I am looking forward to seeing the development of Rae, Luke, Ben and BB8.

Beauty and the Beast 
I still have not seen the Jungle Book live action film, but I have heard all good things. So I’ll probably see it when it comes onto Now TV. I feel kind of similar about Beauty and the Beast, only, I’m not sure about the Beast. How he looks could be a deciding factor in whether I want to watch this or not. Both are films I would happily watch but... I am in no hurry to see them.

Power Rangers
(Now we are talking!)
I have seen some of the movie images and I’m not sure about this one. It’ll be a different from the original TV programmes I grew up watching that’s for sure. I can’t see any evidence they are going to go for the camp approach from the images, it looks more like it’s got a military feel. Which I hope works. As much as I roll my eyes at the 1995 movie, I did quite like it at the time. If it’s done right it should feel something like the unauthorised short movie on YouTube.
Which is amazing! Please don't ask me what I think of the recent Alpha 5 images that have been released, you will not hear anything positive!

Transformers, Pitch Perfect, Pirates of the Caribbean & Fast 8
All are continuing franchises that are seemingly past their best, so I am interested to see if or how these movies do anything to revive their audience numbers, enthusiasm and reviews. That being said, I did ball like a baby three times in Fast 7 because I watched knowing Paul Walker had died and the movie's approach to his passing was beautiful.

50 Shades Darker
50 Shades Darker, this needs to be a straight up porno if I'm going to be interested. I didn't like the first movie, it didn't focus on the sex at all for me. There was a really cool back story that could have been told with Christian's introduction to sex with his mothers friend. But this story along with the actual 50 Shades story seems to be to dark for a main stream movie to address. In which case why make the movie? I have friends that have read the book and they hated the movie more than me! 50 Shades without the sex is like Harry Potter without the magic, pointless!

Logan (X-Man)
X-Men's Logan looks like we may actually see a darker side to this character, following the success of Deadpool. Hears hoping this film is in the same vein. Funny is not what this film needs, but seeing a dark side to a character. Would be great and Logan is a great character that this could be done with.

The Return of The Rock!
Baywatch, I like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson his acting has got better and so have his films... generally. But all I want from this film is a Pamala Anderson cameo.

Jumanji is another Dwayne film, this one I'm not keen on. I don't see how this will be good. I liked the funny side that the late great Robin Williams brought to the original (an amazing, beautiful, funny, intelligent, thoughtful man). I'm not sure about the stills I've seen for the movie either. Theres been discussion online about Karen Gillan's attire. Which I don't think matters, for me its just the look of the movie. I'm not sure. But I really like Dwayne and Karen as actors, so fingers crossed. 

We'd love to know...
So that's my round up of movies I'm looking out for in 2017!
Are you interested in any of them? Or did I miss out the movie you can't wait to see?
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  1. I am buzzing for beauty and the beast! Great Post :) x



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