07 November 2016

As a blogger myself, this question offends me more than it probably should.
'Should' bloggers do this. 'Should' bloggers do that.

We are constantly bombarded with a list of do's and don'ts on a daily basis and forever told what we should and shouldn't be doing in something that is our own creative outlet, somewhere for us to voice our own opinions, our own thoughts and ideas. And for someone to then come in and tell us 'Actually no you can't do that!' and 'Sorry - but can you just censor that' is bloody ridiculous.

With the impact of social influencers finally being noticed, do you think swearing online is a big deal?
Also, the fact that they are tarnishing the entire blogging community with the same brush here and deciding whether or not that it should be acceptable for them all to do something is what annoys me.
It's no ones decision, apart from that blogger's in question. 

Yes, the words that that blogger is writing is available for the world to see, which could include young children, impressionable people and people that may take offence to swearing. But if a blogger has chosen to swear in their writing, they do so because it matches their tone of voice, for the purpose of their article and they fully understand the audience that they are trying to reach. If someone was to stumble upon that article that wasn't meant for them, then how hard is it to just leave?
There is worse things in the world than reading a swear word online. 

I'm not saying it's right for people that blog to swear left, right and centre (but if they want too? That's their provocative and each to their own!). Because sometimes, it's needed to just drop the occasional F bomb, or throw the C word around.

For example: Take a sex and relationship blogger talking about their latest encounter or how to please your partner and having to use the words pee-pee or Minnie-Moo. It somehow just looses its adult impact. Its raciness and its sexuality.

There's a time and a place to swear. 

But for someone to just decide that swearing is a big ol' NO for all bloggers, without understand every bloggers individual audiences, their tone or their purpose is just absurd.

Swearing happens.
It's a part of life.
It's a part of language.
I seem to think that sometimes, its just fucking beautiful.

We'd love to know...
Do you think bloggers and youtubers should swear on their blogs and videos?
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Written by Amanda Bootes
for Daily Focal 

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  1. Agree with Amanda it's about the tone and the language the written work requires or is appropriate. Sometimes that involves different types of language, be that swearing or as I often use....emojis. Language, like our culture has and will continue to evolve.



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