05 November 2016

Do you shut down your computer in the evening and but don’t quite shut off yourself?
Is your mind on overdrive?
Yes? It's time to shut off!

Stop and switch off. 
I had this trouble.
Jobs, projects and general life whizzing around in my head before bedtime, until I thought 'hang on' this needs to stop!

Your brain needs to shut off in the evening to refresh for the next day and it is so important to rest, you often don’t realise it until it is too late and it all becomes a little too much.
You will be far more productive the next day after having a rest than pushing on through all hours god sends!

So, my top tips for shutting down and shutting off after work are:

1. Plan something for the evening
Whether it be a nice meal or a run, how about meeting a friend?

2. Eat well
Make some delicious and healthy food that will provide you with all of the vitamins, nutrients and energy you need.

3. Technology time out
Shut down your phone and computer at least 2 hours before bed to let your mind relax.

4. Read
Read a book or take a relaxing bath before bed and make a routine out of it.

5. Take note
If you have too much in your head still, write it down
Once you get it on paper leave it there for the morning and deal with it then.

We'd love to know...
Do you struggle with shutting off?
What are your top tips?
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Written by Lauren Smedley
for Daily Focal

1 comment

  1. Turn off my phone? For two hours?! OMG!

    In all seriousness this is such an important and overlooked thing. Resting our minds is so important. That time to run, walk, meditate or just sit / lay can be so refreshing.



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