04 November 2016

Always watching the news or reading the paper admiring peoples success, finding yourself feeling jealous of the wealthy or question how people stay so motivated?
We've all done it. We've all been in a rut with work or find out projects at a halt just waiting for the day it springs back. We're human.

I always get days where I read back something I've written and think 'How did I even do that? I can't think of even one good idea today', and it's hard to think it's normal when you see friends, family, old school mates on Facebook completely aceing life thinking 'How do they do it? What do I have to do' and you're sat at work completely distracted with absolutely zero motivation.

Spend time finding out what you really love while taking challenges on the way
But it is normal, everyone has days, sometimes weeks where they don't feel useful or an asset to their job, project or family. But the thing to do on that day is take a breather, have a think and start again.
Maybe on that day just hold off on that particular project you're getting nowhere with that's giving you all the stress fuelling your lack of motivation, and start a new idea, with a fresh mind, a different day and a different mind set.

You'll find yourself trying your hand to something new, that you're good at and you enjoy.
Sometimes I sit staring at my Blog thinking 'I have nothing. Totally nothing' and usually I'd shut down my computer, close my notebook and sit on my sofa disappointed with myself.
But recently, I've found taking a fresh perspective on those down days and just giving something new a try really works. For example, I might write a blog post about a topic I've never even covered before and my hands just keep typing, my brain just keeps thinking and after no time at all I have this piece of writing sat in front of me that I love, that I'm really proud of.
All because, I didn't fall into the rut, because I decided to challenge it.

One of my personal motto's in life is to challenge yourself, because 9 times out of 10 you'll surprise yourself and you'll be able to do something you didn't think you could do.
My anxiety affects me in so many ways, but especially when I go to certain places and do certain things, so much so I spend my life avoiding these situations scared my anxiety will take over.
But sometimes I challenge myself, I deliberately put myself in those uncomfortable situations and I seriously surprise myself. Because, I can do it!

Test yourself.
Life is to learn, life is to challenge, life is a big fat minefield we have no instructions about and even if it might seem you think people have been secretly slipped the tips to succeeding but they haven't, everyone is learning.

Even those big boys and girl bosses have bad days and make mistakes, sometimes they even think of shit idea that doesn't work too, but obviously they're not going to shout about that are they? They're just going to keep that a secret, forget about it and try something new.
You never know if something is going to work for you until you try it.
So grab your lack of motivation by the hair and challenge it, try something new and excel!
Be confident and you'll be able to do more that you think you can.
You can make yourself proud. You're awesome.

We'd love to know...
How do you get yourself out of the rut of life?
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Written by Charlie Pallett
for Daily Focal

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