21 November 2016

Written by Harry Westall

for Daily Focal

So, you’re in your final year of University and if you’re being quite honest with yourself, you haven’t got a clue what you’re planning to do with your degree.  

Some of you may have gone to university with good intentions too, thinking you’d learn everything you needed to and at some point in the duration of the course, you’d find your calling, but graduation is coming closer and closer and still… nothing.

Sound familiar?
You may have even reached this point and realised what you want to actually pursue isn’t within your degree subject. But it is all ok! At University, you learn so much more than what you learn in the confines of your lecture room, that can be transferred to any discipline you want to take up!

Working in a team
Everyone remembers the dreaded group activities in first and second year! You may even be still doing them this year! One person putting more work in than the rest, one person who has pretty much dropped out of the group entirely but some how still gets to claim credit at the end…

These sessions in actual fact are some of your big teachers. Learning how to deal with extreme variations of people, the know-it-all, the one who barely shows, are just the kind of people you will meet in the world, no matter what occupation or situation.

Time management
Especially in your third year, when you’re pretty much left with no lectures or contact at all and a tonne of work to do, time management is such a huge thing you learn and is something you are able to take with you in the future that is such a huge asset.
If you’re ever thinking of being self employed, this can be a great skill to hone whilst you can in your final year!

Grammar skills
Anyone else find their grammar skills have improved since starting University? I find that when I begin to type something that needs to sound formal, I can instantly adopt the formal writing approach too. All these big/fancy words start coming out! It starts making things like CV’s and application forms sound awesome.

How to ‘play the game’
I was once told that University was about how to suck up to what the lecturer wanted out of you. Did you ever have those lecturers that wouldn’t let you have your opinion? That wouldn’t listen to whatever you had to say? They would always have to be right and always have the last word. Learning to make them happy whilst making yourself happy and standing a firm ground with your beliefs and ideas is a big skill that you gain from being at university. It could potentially be used on future bosses, co-workers etc.

These points are just a few things that came to mind. And whilst those skills may not seem worth the £9,000 a year price tag, the point is, is that you’re here, you’ve had experience of being a University student and it has shaped you in one way or another and as much as you think it may have been worthless, it hasn’t been! Even if it’s only helped you to realise you don’t want to go further in your specific subject, it’s still been beneficial. Many grad schemes for various industries ask that you have a degree, they aren’t specific about what subject it is in!

The main thing to remember is that you haven’t wasted time. Most of us are still in our formative years and have our whole lives ahead of us!  Don’t worry about having life planned out either.  When we are open to all possibilities is when the most excitement comes.

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