26 November 2016

Written by Nafisha Atcha
for Daily Focal

As someone who has a dairy intolerance along with making the transition to veganism my mind has been opened to the vast amounts of vegan and dairy free chocolate brands there are on the high streets. With the chocolate Advent Calendar season fast approaching, I wanted to share the Advent Calenders available by some of my favourite chocolate brand. 

Check out our list of Dairy Free Advent Calendar's for you to enjoy this Christmas!

A huge favourite of mine in general, I literally squealed when I found out my favourite Chocolate Brand Montezuma had released a Vegan friendly Advent Calendar. For just £9:99 you get some of the most delicious smooth dark chocolate you could have dreamt off.
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This year Holland & Barratts have released their own Advent Calendar which will go down a treat. The health food store was my first go to as I transitioned in to a dairy free/ vegan lifestyle so I am glad to see they have created this box of chocolate treats. 
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I tried a Moo Free Easter Egg earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was so I am excited to see what their advent calendar has in store. 
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Plamil as a chocolate brand which I have come across in Holland and Barretts. I have yet to dig in to the range but this is a good option if you find dark chocolate too bitter. 
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Or, Customise Your Own Advent Calander
Some of the best gifts are the ones that are personal to you. If you know someone who is Vegan or Dairy Free, why not gather up 24 treat sizes of their favourite treats and place them in boxes to be opened each day. Montezuma and Hotel Chocolat do a fantastic range which can help you do this. 

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