17 November 2016

Ho Ho Ho.. Santa is coming.
Unless you have been totally oblivious you will have noticed that Christmas has been edging into our lives since about Mid-September. However now that it is next month it is completely acceptable to become all giddy at the thought of the festivities, and what better way to kick things off and get us in the festive mood than with decorations.

Isn't Christmas decoration shopping the best?
There is a simple rule when it comes to decorations. You can never have too many. It’s true you really can’t. You may only have a diddy tree, or have some favourite decorations that must go up every year, but who is to say that decorations have to just go on your tree? I love sticking mine all over the house, hooked over picture frames, door handles, on the shelves, heck I even have them clipped onto my fairy lights using mini pegs. 

Every year I find new decorations to buy and this year is no exception. I challenge you to not fall in love with these latest Christmas decorations. 

Personalised Metallic Bauble by Sophia Victoria Joy - £4.95 |

Glitter. Check. Festive. Check. Personalised. Check. These Not On The Hight Street personalised baubles are perfect for your own tree, or as a little stocking fillers for your loved ones.

Glitter Fantail Peacock Decoration - £4.95 | Liberty, London
Peacocks are the new in thing. With their beautiful print pattern to their pretty as a peacock appearance, it is a must have for this year. Liberty have all things Peacock nailed and it wont break the bank either. 

Linea Bat Dog Decoration - £8.40 | House of Fraser
The first words that sprang to mind… oh wow!
Could there be anything more exciting than bat dog for a christmas decoration? I think not.

Joy Light Up Sign - £15.00 | George, ASDA
Lighting up the way for Santa, I love these lit words, simple decorations, minimal effort and with the glittery gold I want this up all year round. 

Set of 2 Gingerbread Felt Decoration - £12.43 | MyMagicFelt, Etsy
Handmade and oh so cute, Mr & Mrs Gingerbread are perfect. 

Mickey Mouse Blue Bauble - £8.00 | Disney Store
Everyone has an inner love for Disney I am sure of it. Understated but a Disney lovers must have. 

Novelty Reindeer Wire Lights - £8.00 | M&S
Where would Santa be without his reindeer?
Create a festive scene with these cute as a button little lights. These are going to be a winner with the whole family.

DIY 'Let it Snow' Scrabble Tile | Crafts by Amanda
You by no means have to buy christmas decorations.
Get your creative thinking caps and give them meaning yourself. Perhaps don't steal the letters out the Scrabble box, you don't want any squabbles on Christmas Day.

Sprout Christmas Decorations - £10.00 | Paperchase
Sprouts don’t get much cuter than this. 

Gold Cut-Out Shoe Decoration - £1.00 | Tesco
Cinderella will go to the ball.
There’s no denying that we love shoes so naturally our trees need shoes too. 

Acrylic Christmas Pudding - £3.00 | Paperchase
Last year Paperchase did some corkers for their Christmas decorations, and this year has a mix of comical, classic and quirky. 

Purple Crown Tree Topper - £11.99 |
No longer are Angels the only tree toppers. Crack out the crown jewels and give your tree the royal treatment.

Candy Cane Decoration - £45.00 | Swarovski
Add a bit of sparkle to your home with this Swarovski candy cane decoration. 

Diamante Christmas Bunting - £12.00 | Next
What is a shindig without bunting? It’s not quintessentially British I know that for sure. Bunting with a twist with the sparkles glistening away, perfect for above the fireplace or to highlight those cards, making everyone aware you mean business this Christmas.

We'd love to know...
Which of these is your favourite decoration for Xmas 2016?
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Written by Lauren Francis

for Daily Focal

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