16 November 2016

Another year has almost passed, I am another year older and edging towards that 3-0. In a world where social media is hard to escape it can leave you feeling like other people’s lives are being rammed down your throat, especially when it comes to those ‘Milestones’. I am looking at you Facebook. We are at a generation that measures things as ‘Facebook Official’, aka if I haven’t told the world then it has no significance and doesn’t exist!

Wake. Work. To Do List. Eat (lots). Sleep. Repeat.
For those fellow single-pringles out there does anyone else get the same questions and remarks over and over - why don't you have a partner, oh you're still single, you should go out more, you need to find a man. Coupled with the media’s you should achieve this at this age, you start questioning that something is fundamentally wrong with you. Why does it matter so much, is this what defines who I am? 

I swear this year alone has been the year where I have seen more new relationships, moving ins, engagements, marriages and babies than any other. Now lets be clear I by no means saw myself at my age with the whole kit and caboodle, but I certainly saw myself as being somewhere down that path. 

In an era where us women have the power where we aren't bound by the constraints seen years ago, there is still some weird expectation and pressure that surrounds us, and is different to our male compadres. From a young age we are empowered to be the best, to break glass ceilings, to kick bootay, but still expected to achieve that fairytale and those milestones - Meet the one, FYI for us women the average age is apparently 25, fall madly in love, own a home, marry, kids and live happily ever after, all before a certain age. Simple right? 

Sadly not. Nothing is going to fall in your lap, and sorry guys and girls to burst your bubble, that film ending just isn't going to happen. Well it might but I wouldn't exactly hold out for it. 

My life so far has focused on education and my career, with at times a questionable work-life balance. My social life has dwindled, yes I go out but it’s more every now and again than a regular thing, one night out these days and I'm recovering for the next 3! It seems at the moment it’s the same cycle every week.
Wake. Work. To Do List. Eat (lots). Sleep. Repeat.
Seriously where do people find the time for everything else? 

I’d be lying if I said I didn't think ooo that would be nice, and I am not afraid to say that it is something that I hope to have sooner rather than later, but it isn't because society says I should. I do not believe that if I don’t hit that milestone for my age it isn't going to happen. If like me your love life is living it vicariously through a rom-com, or you are sitting there thinking christ everyone around me has it sussed, what the heck is wrong with me, just stop. Stop bashing yourself with that stick. Please join me in sticking two fingers up at what society says we should have achieved at what age, and measuring ourselves against other peoples milestones, and just be content with ourselves and do what is best for us. Be your own fairytale! 

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Are you single and feel pressure from societies milestone?
What do you think?
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Written by Lauren Francis
for Daily Focal

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  1. I remember reading an article a couple of weeks ago about ages and milestones. So disheartening. I love your take, the honest view that many people will do different things and there is no 'deadline' on life. Do it in your own time and at your own pace.

    Facebook 'moments' 🙄



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