29 November 2016

Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

So almost everyone in their lives goes through the ‘oh my goodness I’m moving out’ phase. I have recently just been through this and it’s definitely a big phase in your life, and something you should be prepared for.

I thought I would share with you a few things I found a ‘struggle’ and just general facts and tips about moving out.

Just a note: I did move out when I went to Uni in Bristol, but I came home every holiday and pretty much every other weekend so I don’t count it as properly moving out because I moved straight home afterwards and I knew I was going home eventually!

"Some people won’t even flinch about the thought of leaving home and moving out, for other’s it will be the worst thought in the world!" 
1. Being Independent 
It can come as quite a shock, the first time you are left in your new house alone or with whoever you are living with, that this is real, its happening… you are now independent. You are in charge of this house, you have to pay the bills on time, not annoy the neighbours and remember to put your bins out!

2. Being Organised
I have definitely had to try and become more organised in regards to chores, time management, food shop etc. Lets be honest, you're going to need food in your house… and this time you actually have to do the food shopping! You’re going to want a clean ish house, so you will have to do the cleaning, and you will definitely want time to see your friends and family, so making time for that is also essential. It can become quite overwhelming thinking about how much you have to do now you’ve moved out and you have a ‘home’ to run and look after. In all honesty once you get into a routine or pattern of who’s doing what and when it becomes a whole lot easier.

3. Bills
A scary thought I know.
Not so much the paying them (which is hard to) but actually setting them all up I found slightly stressful. I had no idea what tariff I should be on, how much electricity I would use… and most importantly what wifi to get…priorities. What I found super helpful was asking the previous tenant who they had all their bills with and roughly how much they paid – this way you can work out who you want to be with & what tariffs etc you should go for.

4. Furniture
Y’all gunna need something to sit on and eat from. Personally, I found asking family and friends if they had any spare furniture super handy when we moved out, as it turned out pretty much everyone we knew had enough spare furniture to fill our little house! Definitely go to your local village sales/car boots as people are always getting rid of furniture, and charity shops – they are always a good’n. As it’s your first home, unless you have the money, everything does not have to match! Mismatchiness in your first home is always expected and definitely adds to the character!

5. Who you live with
Now, I’ve put this because you could be moving in by yourself, with a partner, friends, siblings etc. It’s a true test of any relationship living with someone, you see their annoying traits, their lovely traits and their downright silly traits. After a few teething problems I think this is pretty easy to get over. If you are moving in with someone you have never met before – maybe go for drinks first to get to know each other and find out similarities, differences… that kinda thing (plus, a good excuse to visit your local pub/bar). 

6. Money
Obviously one of the biggest factors about moving out is ‘can you afford it’. Leaving your parent’s house or house you were brought up in is not cheap at all. You have to pay for most of the things mentioned above, but as long as you’re not silly with it, make sure you have money to cover all the necessities and maybe a spare bit for your savings you will be fine. 

7. Coping with being away from home / change
This is a tricky one. Some people won’t even flinch about the thought of leaving home and moving out, for other’s it will be the worst thought in the world! At the end of the day we pretty much all have to do it at some point. Change is a hard feeling for a lot of people to cope with, I am happy to admit I’m awful with change… I just like things to stay the same regardless. However, eventually you do start to realise (well I did) that this change of moving out has actually been really good for you, made you more independent, stronger and happier… hopefully.

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  1. Such a great post and so true! It's certainly a learning curve! x



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