03 November 2016

I’ve recently embarked on an adventure and a pretty intense/exciting adventure at that, I’ve moved out of that lovely, comforting, bubble that I call home, AKA Mum and Dad’s. 

It’s been about 4 months and I think I have somehow managed to get away with people believing I am actually a fully-fledged adult nowadays and I am loving it. Therefore I thought I would share my new love of living alone with you... However, I did have to add in some negatives though, because it’s not late night parties, gin whenever I please and sassy girl emoji all of the time.

Do you love living on your own?

Because I can do what I want, when I want. Within reason, I'm obviously not going to start engaging in criminal activity or anything. But I can come and go as I please and nobody even asks me where I've been... Erm I've been to Sainsburys mum, that ok hun? They obviously are just interested in my life and I love them dearly, but shush please.

Nobody asks me "how was your day" and I like that.
Surprisingly enough I don't want to come home from 8 hours at work and then talk about work. What I really, really like to do is sit on the sofa, watch the chase, mindlessly scroll through social media and catch up with my 326 group whatsapp notifications. You will soon find out that everything has to be on my terms, if I want to talk about work fair game, but don't you go asking me of your own accord, nuh uh sister.

I can spend my shopping money on gin or clothes and nobody ever need know about it (Soz Mand, I think she knows anyway) Gourmet dinners are overrated anyway, its all about the beans on toast or dry bran flakes, coz I definitely don't have milk in my fridge bae.

I can go for a wee and have a bath with the door open, because there ain't nobody there to catch me. I'm a lazy gal and sometimes pushing that door shut is a bit of exercise too far.
However I then have to be really careful to remember to close the door when grandparents come round.

I appreciate my parents so much more - everything they have done for me (and continue to do) and I can do something to show my appreciation. Like cooking them a 3 course dinner, I obviously haven't done that yet, but I will... 2019 is looking pretty available.

If I wanted to, and I don't, I could walk around naked at all times.
Obviously due to the fear of catching my naked mass in one of the 10 mirrors (not even exaggerating) dotted around puts me off doing this ever, it's nice to know that if I wanted to, I could. *Smug*

I just rock up to my parents hotel every weekend eat all their food, drop off my washing and get treated like the princess I know I am.

I don't have to share. I am good at sharing, promise. But I am also good at getting moody.
Moody when I can't go in the bathroom. Moody when I have to share the kitchen. Moody when I want to watch Made in Chelsea on TV and Wayne wants to watch Bargain Hunt (have to admit Mum and I always win on the TV front) *secret high 5 handshake performed under table*.

I can leave my post on the worktop and I won't get told off.
I just don't have anywhere to put it, if anyone can tell me where to out all this important post, hit a sista up?!

And finally... 10.
I've got my own little slice of paradise which I can and have decorated however I wanted and I love every single bloody inch of the place. I don't have to share the kitchen with anyone, so I can cook whenever the hell I want to and I can make loads of mess.

The negatives...

I miss my kitty-kat, my perfectly formed ragdoll who I love so dearly. She is so annoyed with me that I left her, but I can't have her at the flat as the lease won't allow me to. We do however cuddle all weekend and I hate leaving her and I'm getting emosh talking about it. I don't worry though, because Mum and Dad spoil her pretty little soul.

I don't have a spider catcher (a.k.a my mum or Dad) someone with a qualification in being a fearless adult who can protect me from all things awful. No word of a lie I've had at least 18 spiders since I moved in 4 months ago, which is 4.5 a month and that is just not cool. Spider season will be over soon though and I can walk into the bathroom without encountering one in the bath winking at me!

I don't have an magically, fully stocked fridge with every thing I want, every single day of the week and the same goes for my toiletries. However, obviously my toiletries still appear to get re-stocked by the flat fairy (that is my mother) and I just steal food from the cupboards and fridge every time I go back to the parental house.... every weekend, every cloud.
Hmmm, mental note, must commandeer some K-towel next time I'm at the rents.

Cleaning & washing... Eugh. I'm not going to lie, Mand is still doing most of my washing, but even the thought of doing it makes me recoil, its just a pain, washing and drying and ironing and hanging up and blah blah blah I'm now a middle aged woman. And oh my eughhhh cleaning is so shitty.
Obviously Mand comes round and does it sometimes, but I feel its just not something in my life I need. I really want to get a cleaner, but I can't even manage my bills properly let alone afford to get a cleaner... However think how easy life would be when you don't have to change the bedding or clean the bathroom **quickly googles cleaners in Norwich**

We'd love to know...
Have you ever lived alone? Did you like it?
Were there certain things you loved and hated about it?
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Written by Ashleigh Hitter
for Daily Focal

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