03 October 2016

At Daily Focal we have awesome Bloggers on board, who'll write all our Daily Focal articles. As they'll be the brains and fingers behind the posts and topics at #DailyFocal.

Meet the Bloggers...
 The founder of Daily Focal, a 21 year old pug obsessed country bumpkin from the forgotten county, Rutland in the East Midlands. A passion for interior and graphic designs, Charlie writes about fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle on her Blog.
As well as Weekly Vlogging on her YouTube Channel.
Charlie created Daily Focal to be the home of honesty written by Bloggers on all kinds of topics from entertainment, lifestyle, news etc

Kirsty is Daily Focal's Book Guru!
She loves reading and falling for fictional characters.
If you want to know about books or films, she's your girl!

Laura - www.2travellingtots.com
Mum of 2 messy and loving boys!
Laura blogs about parenting and her loves of travelling with her family.
We can't wait to hear her parenting tips!

Naffy - www.bamblingsofnaffy.com
From Manchester Naffy has a blog and YouTube Channel where she shares her love of beauty and fashion as well as food, travelling and all things lifestyle too.

Camilla - www.sheheartsthehighstreet.co.uk
Bargain hunter, fashion addict, treasure hunter and skull obsessed Millie blogs about her affordable fashion finds whilst thrifting which she also shares on her YouTube Channel. Millie loves all things beauty and fashion.

Holly - www.abranchofholly.com
Holly is Daily Focal's Social Media Guru!
She uses her blog as a space to help, inspire and motivate people to get where they want to be.
She calls her blog a 'one-stop resource for people who want to chase their dreams'.
Her blog is an online hub for actionable content, personal experiences and strategies to help get the results you want.

Amanda - www.amandabootes.co.uk
23 from Kent, Amanda loves cats and anything fluffy.
Trained as a pastry chef in France, Amanda knows a thing or two about good food.
She's a foodie and fitness fanatic, and share that and more on her blog which includes, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Mike - www.mikesopenjournal.com
Mike writes 'Mikes Open Journal' as well as hosting the 'Open Journal' Podcast covering all kinds of topics, but mainly Mental Health. Mike also guest blogs for 'Men Tell Health', 'The Face of Mental Illness' and 'Taking your Psych Medication for the First Time'. 

Fran www.apageofmeblog.wordpress.com
24 from Hampshire, Fran loves tea and says she 'rambles through life looking for my next adventure, blog or pair of shoes.

A mental health advocate and campaigner, YouTuber, blogger and volunteer for OCD Action. Rich does his best to be there for people who need love and support and tries to spread hope to those who need it most.

Nottingham based, Lauren's company Robin Creative offers photography. video, social media and blogging content.

We'd love to know...
If you're a Blogger and looking for a platform to share your passions, because Daily Focal could be looking for you! If Daily Focal sounds like somewhere you'd like to write for, contact us!
Email: DailyFocal@yahoo.com
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