24 October 2016

So here’s a nice controversial topic for everyone… the contraceptive pill. 
Is it good? bad? or just annoying?

Have you ever been on 'the pill' and suffered a difference in your emotions, behaviour or mental health?
Let us know in the comments.
Lets just start from the beginning; I’m talking about the combined pill (as that is what I take) which essentially contains artificial versions of both estrogen & progesterone to stop your ovaries releasing an egg. 

Personally I do take the pill, every night my phone alarm goes off at 8pm reminding me to take it (i genuinely would never remember any other way). I mention that, merely on the fact that many people stray away from the pill for this very reason, you have to remember to take it - otherwise it doesn’t work & you could be poppin’ out babies soon. 

I was quite naive in starting the pill - I went to the doctors one day and just said ‘I need the pill’ (due to various incidents and that I just wanted to know when my period would be). Never once had I spoken to my family about it, I had just heard my friends saying they were on it, so I thought that must be what I need. Consequently I just took the pack home & started taking it, and to be honest hadn’t really thought about it since.

Until recently where there has been a lot more press surrounding the pill and how it may cause/be linked with depression. On a personal note, the only comment I can make about the link to depression is that I’ve never had depression since I’ve been on the pill… which has been about 3 years now. 

According to the NHS & the Guardian, studies in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen found that, “compared to non-users, those who took the pill were 23% more likely to use antidepressants.” 
Obviously there are variable factors for any research study, but people have been asking doctors to stop ignoring the link between the pill and depression. The study was conducted on women between the age of 15-34 over 13 years.

We asked in anyone had had experience with depression whilst on 'the pill', Jill from IWearMyWages got in touch.
Recently, even I have noticed from going to the doctors, they have been trying to encourage different routes of contraception, more long acting reversible contraceptives. Partly to do with the fact that you don’t have to remember to take a pill for ‘long active contraceptives’ and also they are believed to have less severe side effects. 

I am well aware there are other routes of contraception, but in all honesty the pill has never done me any harm (that I’m aware of) so I’m probably just going to stick with it.

We'd love to know...
How do people feel about ‘the pill’?
Are many people taking it? Or have you chosen different routes of contraception?
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Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

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  1. The study is interesting. I haven't seen it, I wonder if it was a shampoo advert number (usually between 12-100, next time you see an ad look for the small text in the corner)?

    I think taking the pill COULD increase your chances of a MH illness. But so could being in a relationship or having a certain job. You will not know until your in it.

    I talk about another option 'The Male Pill' in an upcoming Daily Focal post.



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