14 October 2016

Try looking to your supermarket's Halloween aisle for amazing year-round home pieces.

Skulls, skulls and more skulls
Being a huge fan of skulls, I relish this time of year, as everything is donned with them. But even if you're not interested in having skulls covering everything you own, there are still a few pieces to look out for, that always look more expensive than they are. Most Halloween aisles will house some sort of ceramic skull- and some are amazing to decorate with all year round. High street store likes Urban Outfitters always have amazing metallic skulls in their home sections, ranging around £20-30,  but a good supermarket version will only set you back around £5, so get searching for something a little different to decorate your shelves with, for less! 

Candles are a great one to buy around Halloween, and if you're into home decor you might find that little tea lights only ever seem to come in white, which might not necessarily go with your decor. I love being able to buy big bags of black tea lights, and other colours besides. It means your candle holders can have a bit of variation throughout  the year, and we all know how chic black is. There are also always a range of amazing smelling candles you can stockpile at this time of year- the baking smells, the crisp autumn leaves, copious amounts of pumpkin- and if you're a year round candle burner you may not love the summer scents as much, so now is as good a time as any to stockpile yours. Candles at this time of year also come in skull shapes- need I say more.

Nothing brings out the mason jars and quirky glassware in the supermarket like Halloween. If you want something different to serve your cocktails in all year round, this is a good time to pounce on the ever-popular mason jars that are usually around £1 in the supermarket at this time, and much more in high street home stores. If the glass  has a decal on it you're not a fan of, this will usually come off in the first wash in a hot dishwasher- and you instantly have a set of affordable but super cool drinking glasses. Update your bar cart now.

Fairy lights
If you want to spruce up a room and keep it cosy this winter, fairy lights are a great way to do this. You don't need to wait for Christmas for this either, as cute Halloween fairy lights- yes sometimes even with skulls on them- can be found at this time of  year. You can go more novelty, or more minimal- you may not be having a party, but checking the party and party favours section is a great way to save money on this. Again, boxes of lights similar are a lot more in high street home stores, especially from now until Christmas. 

We'd love to know...
What are your favourite Halloween aisle finds?
Do you just go for the sweets, the fake blood, or like me are you stockpiling candles?
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Written by Camilla Delacoe
for Daily Focal

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  1. Not long till the orange & red window designs will be on show in a street near to you!

    I just need a party invite to use my fancy dress idea...



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