26 October 2016

It amazes me that in this day and age (and yes I'm aware that I sound about 200 years old and should be wearing a multi coloured mohair sweater) why breastfeeding is still a bone of contention.

Possibly one of the most natural things in the world, why is it still a problem?
It's perfectly acceptable for celebrities and wannabes to wear next to nothing on a daily basis and post nude selfies. In fact not a day goes by when there isn't a half naked woman on some sort of social media.

Get your boobs out to feed your baby however and you open yourself up to all kinds of potential abuse. 

They're just boobs people....Get over it!

I recently read a blog by a fellow breastfeeding mother, Kate of Blog 'Claim Your Mumjo' who, when feeding her hungry child in public was not only verbally abused by none other than another mother but was also called a slut by another woman's teenage daughter!


I genuinely could not believe what I was reading and am outraged on this other breastfeeding mothers behalf.

Is there an 'appropriate' time and place to breastfeed your baby? Of course there is - Whenever and wherever your baby is hungry! It's that simple! 

No, I would not rather go and 'do it' in the toilet where nobody can see as was once suggested to me.
Do these ignorant boob-o-phobes have no idea what some of us go through just to feed our babies? I for one did not have an easy ride it was exhausting, it was extremely painful at points and it was very nearing soul shattering! 

I absolutely fully support the choice of any and every mother when it comes to breastfeeding - if it's for you great, if it's not, great! Same goes for how long people choose to feed for - I stopped at 6 months with both of mine because they were biters and I'm sorry but that was not ok with my nipples! But if you feed your kid till 6 years old it's your choice and nobody else's business.

Each to their own, but come on people! We're all on the same team here!

So to all the 'haters' out there, next time you see a mother breastfeeding her baby in public, instead of turning your nose up or looking the other way, why not take get over yourself and take a minute to tell her what an amazing job she's doing instead - you never know you may even make her day.

Mothers everywhere I salute you - except for the one who felt it was 'appropriate' to bring another mother down. Who felt it was 'appropriate' to let her teenage daughter verbally abuse another woman. That mother should be ashamed of herself.
That mother clearly wasn't breastfed.

We'd love to know...
Did you breast feed and have snide comments or were made to feel uncomfortable feeding your child in public? Or have you had a positive breastfeeding experience?
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Written by Laura Nicholson-Simpson

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  1. I love your line - "Is there an 'appropriate' time and place to breastfeed your baby? Of course there is - Whenever and wherever your baby is hungry! It's that simple!"

    I have only ever seen disapproval in the form of eye rolling. I would like to think I would say something if I saw or heard someone being negative about breastfeeding.

    I have to say myself, I don't feel I can say "well done / I'm glad you feel comfortable feeding / way to go girl!" because I think as a male that somehow comes off as pervy rather than supportive. Even though I think it should be like that.

    Virtual high five to all breastfeeding mums!



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