23 October 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so guys and gals let’s talk about boobs!
This month sees the raising of awareness ramped up a gear as a worldwide annual event that sees thousands of people and organisations getting involved, to highlight the importance of awareness, research and support.

There are many extraordinary organisations out there but the one that I fly the flag for is CoppaFeel! This amazing charity was born out of what is only an unthinkable situation that at the age of 23 Kris was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. There is no stage 5. She has taken the unthinkable and turned it into something lifesaving, with the mission to educate and stamp out the late detection of breast cancer.

Let’s face it we go about our day, we worry about trivial things, what to wear, what to eat, getting frustrated over why that person has decided to block the entire pathway and walk slower than a snail! Before we know it time has whizzed by.

We shouldn't be waiting for breast cancer or any cancer for that matter to affect us in some way shape or form to do something about it, and to take those preventative measures and have that knowledge in our little tool box - I know I was certainly guilty of it and I know I am not alone. To me breast cancer was something that older men and woman got, how completely and utterly wrong. Yes of course the likelihood is lower however the chance is still there, and it is a chance we shouldn't gamble on. 

Last year I embarked on one crazy adventure with 22 other like-minded people to trek the Great Wall of China in aid of CoppaFeel! Everyone had been affected by cancer somehow, some of who were living with or had kicked cancer’s butt and were truly inspiring, courageous and living life to the full. What we all had in common was the desire to get that message across of how to stamp out late detection, what support is out there and giving you that confidence in going to your GP if things are amiss.

It’s a fact that the earlier breast cancer is found the better, and checking your assets regularly is a sure way to start. For what is essentially less than a five minute task, it isn't something that we do regularly, yet it could save your life, which is massive!
So why aren't we all doing it?

Do you know how to check your breasts?
We'd love to know...
Do you check your breast regularly?
Should we be checking more often?
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Written by Lauren Francis

for Daily Focal

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