17 October 2016

Everyone loves a bit of time to chill right?
I’m not talking ‘Netflix and chill’, I’m talking actually taking a break for 5 minutes.
Try turning off your phone which is a tricky one I know – maybe just sit really far away from it and whack it on silent for a while. Or try going for a walk, having a bath… the usual.

So, *drumroll please* here are my top 6 Tips to Learn How to Chill:

What are you favourite ways to take 5?
Have a Bath
I bloomin’ love a good bath! It's mentally and physically relaxing.
Personally I enjoy a bubble or two, but each to their own.
I’m suggesting a bath because it is the ultimate time to just sit and do nothing. It might even help you think things through a little clearer with no environmental distractions (unless you love bubbles a lot). Although if you do want something to entertain you, I have been prone to popping my iPad outside the bath and indulging in my fave Youtuber with a cuppa.

Another one that's mentally and physically good for you, ‘a bit of fresh air never hurt anyone’.
I love a good walk, being brought up with dogs sort of invites you into a routine of breakfast and straight out to walk the dogs. When I get stressed or wound up about something my head automatically thinks I need a walk, it’s always a good thing to get out of whatever stressful environment you’re in, go and explore a new area of your town.

It’s a predictable part of life that most of us fall into a routine.
So for me that I get pretty aggy if this routine is somehow effected.
Try and spice it up a bit, break out of your routine and find a different way to work.
Maybe a new blog to read or even just spend more time seeing your friends and family, and less time stressing the small stuff.
(Personally, I just try and get all the cleaning, making lunch for work etc out the way early at the weekends so I’m free as a bird the rest of the day…)
Obviously the ultimate in chilling.
Everyone loves sleep (except when you’re a child and don’t want to go to bed early). Nowadays I can’t think of anything better! Sleep is always going to relax you and let you enter your world of dreams.

So mentally stimulating, but not everyone’s first choice for a lil chill session, but a good one!
Slightly like reading a movie script but just using your imagination instead of watching it on the TV
I find reading lets you escape your life and enter someone else’s for a while (sometimes a good thing – if they have a nice ending at least). To me, there is nothing better than getting obsessed in a new book  that you just don’t want to put down. 

Slightly unrealistic for everyday kinda tip – but one to look forward to nonetheless.
Holidays are renowned for relaxing, eating and topping up the tan… my summer holidays are anyway. Sometimes just need to get out of town, go away with friends or family and properly separate yourself from your routine surroundings.

We'd love to know...
How you get a little down time?
What are you favourite ways to chill?
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Written by Fran Page
for Daily Focal

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