19 October 2016

I am a podcast addict and listen to a variety of podcasts from Grace Helbigs Not too Deep to the podcast Serial. As someone who always strives to be the best version of themselves a huge chunk of the podcasts I am subscribed too are to with personal growth, well being and health. I know I am not the only one interested in personal improvement so wanted to share with you my top five podcasts to help you feel empowered. 

Are you new to podcasts? These are a list of 5 you should probably give a try.
1. UnSorry Podcast 
This is a podcast created by Lea Rice and Sam Sparrow based all around the uncertainty of living in your twenties. Each podcast has a specific topic from how to deal with burn out to the reality of clean eating. You can listen to them in order or just listen to one you find interesting. With each topic Sam and Lea share their raw personal stories and how they deal with each topic. My current favourite is the discussion surrounding burn out as I found this very helpful and each word resonated with me entirely. 

2. Ladies Who Lunch
Content Creators Ingrid Nielson and Cat Valdez started their podcast a few months ago and each one fills me with the belief I can tackle the world. Not only that I can tackle the world but I am allowed to live the life I want to lead. I cannot tell you how empowering that feels. The topics range from getting rid of toxic people in your life to how to deal with the feeling of loneliness and being an introvert. 

3. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso 
If there is a podcast which will put your life in to perspective for you, it will be this podcast,by the lovely entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso. As the owner of Nasty Girl, Sophia and rags to riches story is well documented. In #Girlboss she interviews other inspiring women finding out about their lives and how life events have lead them to lead the life they have right now. Interviewees include the COO of Vice, Charlize Theron and Emily Weiss to name a few. 

4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
Just when I think I could not adore Liz Gilbert anymore she produces this podcast. Each show tackles an issue sent to her by young creatives to discuss and offer her guidance. The topics surround finding inspiration, taking a leap in to the unknown and more. I only discovered this one a couple of weeks ago but it is already a firm favourite of mine. 

5. The Jess Lively Show
I have been listening to Jess and her podcasts for a very long time now and it has been wonderful to see the transition over the years. From interviews with guests covering topics such as intuitive eating, fighting negativity and feeling your intuition this is one for a creative twenty year old who is struggling to find their place in the world. 

Each of these podcasts bring someone better in my life. I am able to take a piece of the story they are telling and apply to my own life and situation in the hopes it will help me to get one step close to where I would like to be in life. I hope by sharing this, it adds a little bit of something to your life too. 

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Written by Nafisah Atcha
for Daily Focal

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  1. Why is Mike's Open Journal Podcast in on this list?! It's the best 😉



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