25 October 2016

With no children myself personally - yet, I always on the look out for for a name that sticks and I instantly fall in love with, just for when the time comes!
I find until you actually look, there are so many stunning boys and girls names out there we've never even heard of, that could just be the most perfect name for your new little bundle.

In a name pickle? Here's a list that's bound to help you out, with 16 of the most beautiful unusual names for your baby boy or girl.
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Unusual names might not be everyones cup of tea, but there are some stunning names that aren't so common.


Gender: M Meaning of Basil: "regal" Origin of Basil: Greek
Although Greek in origin--in the fourth century, a bishop by that name established the principles of the Greek Orthodox Church--Basil for years took on the aura of aquiline-nosed upper-class Britishness of Sherlock Holmes portrayer Basil Rathbone, then spiced with the fragrant aroma of the herb that entered with the Pesto generation. 
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Gender: M Meaning of Conan: "little wolf" Origin of Conan: Irish
The fierce image of the Barbarian made a complete turnaround thanks to amiable talk show host O'Brien, making Conan one of the newly desirable Irish choices, a perfect alternative to Conor/Connor
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Gender: M Origin of Gray: Color name, also diminutive of Grayson
The girls have Violet and Scarlet and Ruby and Rose, but for the boys there's a much more limited palette of color names. Gray (or Grey), is one exception, which could make for a soft and evocative--if slightly somber-- choice, especially in the middle. Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney recently named their son Leo Grey
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Gender: M Meaning of Ira: "watchful one" Origin of Ira: Hebrew
Ira is one of the shortest, non-biblical sounding Old Testament names, belonging to one of King David's thirty 'mighty warriors.' It was widely used in the US from the 1880s to the early 1930s (it was Number 57 on the Social Security list in 1881), but fell off completely in 1993. Now Ira is likely to be considered more retirement-account acronym than proper name. A musical namesake is lyricist Ira Gershwin, a literary one is Ira Levin.
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Gender: M Meaning of Roscoe: "deer forest" Origin of Roscoe: Norse
Originally a place and surname, Roscoe had its glory days in the 1880s, when it reached as high as Number 138, then gradually declined, possibly damaged by the scandals surrounding silent star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, and then the hillbilly image it acquired thanks to Sheriff Coltrane on The Dukes of HazzardRoscoe has been out of the Top 1000 since 1978.
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Gender: M Origin of Lake: Nature name
Evocative modern unisex choice brought into the spotlight by actress Lake Bell.
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Gender: M Meaning of Marlowe: "driftwood"Origin of Marlowe: English

With Marlo and Marlowe used recently for high-profile celebrity baby girls, we'd say this English surname, however it's spelled, is losing its muscle for boys -- especially as it sounds exactly like the all-girl Marlo. The similar-sounding Marley, inspired by the dog, has been another recent hit name for girls.
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Gender: M Meaning of Rohan: "sandalwood"Origin of Rohan: Hindi
From India, but feels like an Irish surname (and can in fact be a variation of Rowan), so a possible cross-cultural choice.
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Gender: F Origin of River: Nature name River's Popularity in 2015: #350
Most of the notable Rivers have been male, but this nature name certainly flows as well for a girl. More than a third of the babies named River are now girls, and this fraction may increase. It was on the rise for both sexes the past few years, jumping more than 300 spots on the girls' side of the list since 2012.  Kelly Clarkson's choice of River for her newborn daughter further raised the profile of the name for girls.
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Gender: F Meaning of Peony: "healing" Origin of Peony: Flower name; Latin
One of the rarest of the floral names, though not without some teasing potential. Peony is a historical 1948 novel by Pearl S. Buck.
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Gender: F Meaning of Ava: "life" Origin of Ava: Latin, related to birds
Ava was given a huge popularity boost -- Ava's currently at Number 4 -- when dozens of high-profile stars such as Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose Ava for their daughters. This Glamour Girl name via Hollywood beauty Ava Gardner is attractive but epidemically popular! 
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Gender: F Meaning of Idony: "renewal" Origin of Idony: Norse
Idony was the Norse goddess of spring and eternal youth, and variants of her obscure name could come under consideration with the rest of the fashionable I pack.
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Gender: F Meaning of Poesy: "poetry" Origin of Poesy: Word name
This old-fashioned word for poetry has some antiquated charm but doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
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Gender: F Meaning of Annora: "honor" Origin of Annora: Latin
Annora is a noble name, a distinctive twist on its most essential form: Honor. Other variations to explore include Honora and Nora.
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Gender: F Meaning of Eden: "place of pleasure, delight" Origin of Eden: Hebrew
Eden is an attractive, serene name with obvious intimations of Paradise, one of several place names drawn fromthe Bible by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. 
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Gender: F Meaning of Ola: "ancestor's relic"Origin of Ola: Scandinavian
Simple, friendly, distinctive name heard in several cultures. In Scandinavia, Ola is a male variant of Olaf.
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