21 September 2016

I'm always scrolling Twitter looking for new topics to read about and for a feed I can jump to to find something interesting to learn about or join a discussion in, and although I love places like Metro and Buzzfeed, they're missing the personal touch for me and lack of actually opinion.

So I've decided to launch #DailyFocal which I hope can be the home of honesty, where you can turn for great topics of conversations, articles about everything from news, dating tips, food recipes, celeb gossip and even mental health all written by our featured Bloggers in their own words, from their own and unique opinions.
I want #DailyFocal to be the place people can discuss real issues whatever the subject!

If this sounds like the kind of place for you place like our Facebook & Twitter where you can keep up to date with all things #DailyFocal and about our official launch date. We're also looking for our #DailyFocalBloggers, and if you'd like to be one of our featured Bloggers then please register your interested via email to DailyFocal@yahoo.com.

Launching Officially on 5th October 2016

So, lets do this!

See you soon.

Charlie Pallett
from The Daily Focal Team


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